Sunday, September 22, 2013


What a stinking fun weekend. 

Out on Friday night with Jonny and his son and nephew to the Royals game.  It was very nervewracking until the 8th inning when we pulled it together.  
Cutie boys enjoying the game and entertained me with their beat boxing

This is the part where Jonny got very nervous.

Go Royals!

Yay, we won!
The game was super fun, and I actually had a great time learning about baseball.  It's a lot easier to pick up on than football.  I usually have no idea what's going on in a football game.  There are a billion rules.

Went to a bachelorette party last night and actually got to stay out all night.  Super fun the entire night.  There wasn't one single part of the night that I didn't enjoy.  
Me and Nessers at supper

Classy champagne with a penis straw.


The bachelorette!

Yep, we used a bra as a blindfold.

get the torpedo on him!

Lucas-who got us 2 amazing hotel rooms FOR FREE

This game is pretty darned fun.

Party bus!

What's up, Tori?

he fell.

Our bus driver was pretty nice

End of the night...

And now I'm home with my sweet little baby.  Spending the day watching Barney (her current love right now) and pampering her.  She's teething and always gets congested with it.  It sucks.  

I also tried to contact the friend that cut ties with me back in June.  Sent a facebook message, it was seen, I didn't expect a reply.  I just wanted to put my hand out, and hopefully make amends someday.  I haven't contacted the other friend, and I won't until things are on the mend.  
I'm still mad about how things went down. Not at the friend, at myself.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Enjoying my coffee and Sesame Street with Delilah this morning.  I love my mornings with her.  

So what's been going on?

Not too much.  Just trying to figure things out, staying busy, and spending time with my family and friends.

Everyone likes to hang out with Grandpa

Watching the jousting at Ren Fest! 

It was a hot but fun day.  I had help pushing Delilah around.

I think the knives were a bit blunt. Alec definitely could have made one stick.

They look so much alike!

Delilah and I rode an elephant, and it was AMAZING.


Tom wasn't in the mood for hugs.
Go Chiefs!

This is what happens when Mom and I keep Delilah out shopping with us.

She could hardly keep her eyes open that night.

I decorated this jewelry box for Mom

Daily visit to Grandma at her job.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to cook?  Because I do.  Making chicken fried rice.  

She told Grandma she wanted to "jam".  She gets the royal treatment on Thursday nights when I do trivia.

This is the result of Chip and I playing the game where we each take turns drawing a line.

Morning ritual of PBS kids

Painted nails.  Delilah is so girly.

Ashley makes the best faces.

Chelsea's bridal shower was a success.  No, I didn't match us on purpose.  It just happened, OK?!?

Bridal party+Mary

I drank a mustache elixir before bed.

The best thing in my life.

She has been hiding from everyone recently.

A picture update in my life recently.  

I've already started to do my Christmas shopping.  I like to spend time finding the perfect present for each person.  Ben likes to take care of his family, which is fine.  I'll shop for mine and our friends.  He already got Landon something.  It's pretty awesome.  

I'm going to my second ever Royals game this weekend.  I really hope they win, especially because they've done so well this season.  Going with a super fan, which will make it way more fun.  Jonny won tickets at a raffle at work, so he is taking me, Alec, and his nephew.  

This weekend is also the bachelorette party...oh boy.  Delilah is having a slumber party with my mom, so I'm going to get to stay out that night.  I'm actually pretty excited about it.