Monday, August 29, 2011

I thought about something today...

Earlier this year, I began to pull away from a lot of the goings on with a lot of people I was hanging out with.  I have branched out, but I've also stayed close to home and enjoyed spending time with Ben.  He and I seem to have a better time out when we're with one another rather than separated.
Since then, I have had no problems with being sucked into the different things that go around.  There must be a connection there.  I have learned to protect what I say to people here because it's often misheard or retold incorrectly.  I don't like it when I have to explain myself later on, especially when the information is from another source and has gotten it wrong.  I haven't had any problems lately, and I'm really enjoying it.

I realize that my temper is slightly elevated since I've become pregnant (although I do control it instead of just using it as an excuse and making those around me miserable).  I think it's good for me that I've distanced myself from a lot of what was bothering me.  I lost a couple of good friends earlier this year (moving on to other bases or leaving while the spouse is deployed), and since then, I have just made the choice to not become too involved with anyone (new or old) here to keep the problems at bay.  I do not need any extra stress in my life.  I'm happy to say that everything has been relatively calm!

Don't get me wrong, I know that I'm probably talked about and gossiped about, but it doesn't bother me because I'm not involved in the least bit.  People talk, and that's all there is to it.  You've got to learn to accept it, especially being a military wife.  I'm sure there are a couple that haven't gossiped, but I'd rather just stick with what I'm doing now rather than getting sucked up into all of what goes on and erupts at least 2-3 times a year.  There are a couple people that I would love to get together with (and still do, schedule permitting), but that's strictly on a one on one or mixed party basis.

I hate to be so vague, but I don't want to put anything out there, even on my personal blog.

That's all on that subject, just wanted to express my happiness at a bad situation turned into good because of some good choices on my part.


I'm really glad that I found the blog
It brings insight into people losing their minds once they have kids...and facebook is involved.  I can only hope that once little Delilah Jean (yes, we named her!!!) is born, I can not be one of THOSE parents that share WAY to much on facebook...or make really self-absorbed statements expecting people to do without or something similar just because I'm a mom.
Here's an example of a post on the wonderful 'wives' group' page for our base:
(The post was about a scheduled power outage in a neighborhood close to mine)

Me: Of course Chavez West was out too. Right at the time when people are getting ready for work and school. Makes a lot of sense, right? Couldn't have done it later on in the day? We've got some winners scheduling stuff here...

A sane person: Danielle i agree with you. its hard to get kids ready for school when you have no power. my hubby was in the shower when the power went out and he almost fell bc it was dark in the bathroom. they should learn to do it when everyone is sleeping or at wk.

Me:Exactly...and if they are going to do it to Manor AND West, they should have said that. It's 2 different areas. Stupid timing.

Self-absorbed SAHM:It was a given we were going to b affected I planned on being a part of it from the start! They did it in the morning cause it is a lot cooler and I am sure they didnt want the people who dont have jobs and r home all day to not have central air!! I thank them for that much specially when you have a baby heats up quickly n the house even in the early morning!

Me: Oh I planned for it too. I think you'd be ok for the hour that it was off. We lost it a couple times over the summer for several hours one time and my house stayed cool. (and that's saying something, because I'm pregnant and get hot easily.) I still think it would have been more beneficial to accomodate those that have to work early (which is most of the people in the neighborhood) and those that get kids off to school at that time. Common sense.

As long as she wasn't effected by the outage, it was OK.  Nevermind her husband (and all other airmen) getting ready for work at that time, the moms getting the kids out the door (first week of school), and the wives who are still working outside the home.  As long as it didn't effect her!  So silly.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baking and Painting

This week, I baked bacon chocolate chip banana bread.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture because Ben took it to work as soon as it came out of the oven.

It was DELICIOUS though!

Work was pretty boring all week because the classroom teachers were out in meetings.  She left us stuff to do, but we got in done in less than 30 minutes each day.  So what did we do?  We got some movies and I brought my canvas and just chilled.  The past 2 weeks at work seemed a bit pointless for us because there wasn't enough to do, but I got paid, so I'm not going to complain.
Here's what I finished this week:

I've been wanting to paint this for some time now, but I just had put it off.  I've got 2 orders to do this week and one to finish up on.  I love doing stuff for people!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another day, another day.

There is a new custodian at the school I work at.

I learned today that he is creepy.

Firstly, you should know that I was by myself in the classroom today as one coworker was at meetings and the other was at home sick.  Moving on...

He came in the room around 10:30am and wanted to visit.  I was polite and we visited for a bit.  He wanted to take his break in the room, but I was on my way out for my lunch break because of our conversation.  He is about 25-30 years old.  Claims to have a BA and a Master's in Education (not implausible).  Today he also claimed to be a former cop and took a bullet to his shoulder.  He also claimed to be an EMT.  This was after he was asking me how to write a resume and asking if he could talk to my husband about being an Air Traffic Controller.  WEIRD.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!

I went to lunch, and then came back.  He popped in again once I was back and asked me if I'd like any of his extra food he'd gotten while at lunch.  He told me he was asking everyone.  Ok, this food hadn't been touched at all.  The mashed potatoes and gravy were still perfectly scooped in the ToGo box.  (I asked around, and he didn't ask anyone else).
He came in again later on to ask if he could take his break in my classroom.  I told him I was heading out to help a coworker with something (LIE).
He came in AGAIN later on and asked if he could break in there.  I told him I was about to head out.  At this point, I'm not being super friendly (but not mean) because I'm tired of him just randomly coming in to visit (doesn't he have custodial work to do?  He's the only one on that campus!).  I was watching Dawn of the Dead (original), and he left after about 5 minutes.  Phew.

Luckily, my coworker will be back tomorrow and it won't just be me in there.  On top of all that, I started off not feeling quite right this morning...something was just my day was weird anyway.

Ok, on to the better stuff.

6.5 months along TODAY!  Huzzah!

I got my walkin' clothes on.  Gotta stay active!

I worked on a sketch today.  I'm going to paint it soon, hopefully.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Today I:

* Sketched Elsa's painting onto canvas.  Just have to add the black and it'll be done!

*Did some paperwork.

*Watched a movie.

*Watched my girl dog hump my boy dog's head.

*Watched people get their ears candled.

*Got really bored at work.

*Was driven crazy by my dogs who want to go for a walk when it's still pretty hot outside.

*Ate pizza and strawberries.

*Did laundry.

I haven't even done very much, but I'm pretty exhausted.

Ok, so if I said that last statement out loud to anyone recently, I'd usually get this reply, "Well if you think you're tired now, just wait until the baby comes!"  or something else about how I'm going to get less sleep once she's born.  AS IF I'M NOT AWARE AND IT'S SOME KIND OF JOKE SURPRISE I'LL GET IN NOVEMBER.  As if I'm totally not aware that I'm going to be tired when she gets here with the nighttime wake ups, breastfeeding, etc...
As if moms need to tell expectant mothers this while laughing.  Let me just tell you, it's freaking annoying.  It makes me want to slap them when they say it.
I have a right to be tired now, just like I have a right to be tired after I give birth.  I wish I could expect people to comprehend how stupidly annoying they're being, but it seems like common sense and courtesy fly out the window sometimes from mom to mom.  I will remember all these rude and irritating comments I'm getting now and will do a good deed by not saying them to an expectant mom in the future.
Another fun comment I'm getting is something to the extent of, "Oh you have no idea about [insert ANYTHING here] until you have a baby!"  Obviously I don't know how exactly things will be AFTER she is born because SHE ISN'T BORN YET.  So right now, I can say what I want about how I'm feeling or any subject and it is OK.

Goodness gracious, is it that hard to comprehend?!

I read before getting pregnant, and I used to think comments like this were atrocious when sent in as screenshots.  It's even WORSE hearing it firsthand and having it on my own facebook wall.


Ben and I rearranged furniture in our bedroom last night (and by we, I mean he and some friends moved it).  I cleaned up and mopped.  It really opened up the room a lot and gave us some more room.  We also got the treadmill out of the nursery, so that's going to be my project this weekend....arranging it how I want it!

That's all for now, I'm going to take my dogs out for a walk before they have heart attacks.  Holy moly.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good news!

I found out yesterday that I was officially approved to go see the cardiologist I requested in Amarillo.  I'm pretty happy about it.  Yes, it's more of a drive, but I think the drive outweighs the crap I had to go through with the one in town.  Stressing out a heart patient isn't exactly the smartest idea in the world.

Made it through my first week of work back at school.  Next week, the elementary and up kids come back to school (which is how the higher ups will decide if they will hire me for a new classroom).  The pre-K kids don't come back until the 29th.  We've got another week in the school without kids.  The class is pretty much ready...I guess some decorating could be done.  I just wish I knew if I was getting a class so I could start preparing for it. I'm stuck right now, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

At a meeting yesterday, my coworker saw my stomach popping while Baby Ward was moving around.  So weird!  She is so strong!

I'm off to shower and get ready for the day.  Working on a painting for my friend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have been working this week (yes, as an, it's not the greatest).

I got a call on Monday from the district office asking if I would come in for an interview.  They are needing to open up classrooms (various schools and grades) depending on enrollment.

I had my interview today.  They emailed me a list of three different benchmarks, one for K, one for 3rd, and one for 5th.  We were to create a lesson plan that was to last 10 to 12 minutes and complete it with the interviewers. I chose the K benchmark about place value.  It was similar to ones I had done with my first grade room.
I was nervous at first, but as soon as I got into the room, I did my lesson and then answered 10 questions that they had given me.  I feel like it went well, but I feel like that after a lot of interviews...
Anyway, if I get one, it'll be awesome.
If I don't, I still have a job.

Either way, I'm gonna be OK.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


A. Age: 26.
B. Bed size: Queen.
C. Chore you hate: DISHES (Although, I am ALWAYS the one doing them.)
D. Dogs: Rilo and Otis!
E. Essential start to your day: a shower
F. Favorite color: Green
G. Gold or silver: White gold
H. Height: 5’4"
I. Instruments you play: I used to play the was boring.
J. Job title: TEACHER (but I don't get paid for it.)
K. Kids: On the way!
L.  Live: The butthole of America. (New Mexico)
M. Mom’s name:Cindy
N. Nicknames: Dani
O. Overnight hospital stays: 2 pacemaker surgeries
P. Pet peeve: Shitty indulgent parenting, habitual lateness, excuses, laziness
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: 1 younger brother 1 older sister
T. Time you wake up: Soon 6:00am
U. Underwear: Yup, I wear it.
V. Vegetables you dislike: Carrots
W. What makes you run late: Usually nothing. I always like to be early or on time.
X. X-rays you’ve had: Dental and then of course for the pacemaker.
Y. Yummy food you make: I've posted pics of some, but I am known for my delicious cookies.

Z. Zoo – favorite animal: giraffes, tigers, and elephants.

Where did my summer go?

I start work tomorrow.

I must say...I'm not excited.  This is year 2 of me working at a job that isn't for my degree.  I'm paying back student loans on an education for a job that I don't have.  It's kind of depressing.  I'd do something else, but there really isn't anything else in Clovis.  This is a dead town.  UGH.  I know I've complained a lot in the last few posts, but it's getting really hard to find something good about this place.  Every day, I hope that Ben goes into work and finds out that he has orders elsewhere.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

YAY! I made scones!


Margot is always pleased to be laying on my belly.  Even when Baby Ward kicks her.

He isn't spoiled at all.  (Resting after a walk)

My sweet girl.

Ben and I are a great team.  A friend needed an emergency sitter for tonight, and we said we'd help out.  She has a son (12?), and 2 daughters (3 and less than a year).  I began to make dinner (BREAKFAST!), and Ben hung out with the kids.  Got her son set up on Halo, helped the 3 year old play with the dogs, and played with the baby.  When the baby got fussy, he began to feed her, but she wasn't having it.  So we switched.  He took over dinner while I fed the baby.  We bot got everyone's plates ready, and while they ate, I took the baby into the nursery and laid down in bed with her.  She fought sleep, but sleep won.  I went to go get my dinner and Ben had cleaned up most of the kitchen (the remainder of stuff that was left out was stuff I'd need for my dinner).
I'm a lucky girl.
He's a lucky boy.
We're a happy family.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The sandwich effect.

6 months today!

I didn't end up getting the job.  

My name was put in for the teaching position, but at the last minute the district decided to shut down another classroom at another school and just transfer a teacher over instead of hiring someone new.  

Cram more kids into a classroom so that the district can save money.

Because that'll help our AYP (annual yearly progress), right?  (That's how schools get funding each year)  More students with less teachers.

There are positions at the district office being done by 3-4 people that should be done by 1 or 2.  That's where our money is going...instead of into the schools to help our kids and teachers.  Have the people who run the district really been out of the classroom long enough to not remember how things actually work?  

This system is really messed up, and I'm not just saying that because it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a job out here. One principal told me that 45 people applied for ONE position.  That is how awful it is out here right now.  

I honestly can't wait to get orders out of here.  A teaching job would have made me hate this place less.  I've been positive for over 3 years, and I'm just done with this place.  The majority of the people out here suck, it's dirty, the restaurants/stores in town don't even try because there's no where else to go, it's ugly, and you have to drive 2 hours to get any kind of break from this place.  

Sorry for the negativity, but there aren't a lot of upsides to this town.  I'm just thankful that Ben is here with me.  You can surely bet that when/if he gets deployed, I'm fleeing from this town back to Missouri.  My mom and dad talked this morning, and if I came back while Ben was deployed, I wouldn't have to pay for rent/utilities/groceries and they'd fence in the backyard for my dogs.  
Yeah, my parents rule.  


Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to not be a total douche bag, Lesson 1

Movie theater etiquette:

In a movie theater, there are several rules to be followed to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.  I know, it's weird to think that those people in chairs next to you ALSO paid to see the same movie you're seeing, but it's true.  Here are some rules to follow at the movie theater:

1. Chew with your mouths closed.

I know, this is a hard one for those of you who grew up in homes with sloppy parents that didn't have manners themselves.  We're old enough to know that once food goes in, your mouth shouldn't open again until you have swallowed.  No one else wants to see or hear the popcorn, nachos, pickles, candy, etc...that you have purchased for 80% markup at the concession counter.  I'm not saying that you can't eat!  Heaven forbid, I know that some of you must have your movie snack.  I'm just simply saying that I don't want to hear every crunch and slurp coming from your mouth.

This is what you look like to me.

2. Don't talk on your cell phone.

Yes, this should be a given, since you're at the movie theater.  Some of you have forgotten this simple rule though!  The movie theater has these handy things called doors from whence you can enter and exit at your leisure if you need to take a phone call.  Phones also come with this handy feature called "silent" or "vibrate" so that you can still receive calls, but you don't disrupt the theater.  I know that you might think that answering your phone during a movie is actually important and you're simply above everyone else, but you're not.  Kindly leave or I might take your phone and chuck it at the wall.

3. Don't have audible conversations about things other than the actual movie.

The status of your lawn care, what you fed the baby, or what you're doing AFTER the movie aren't subjects that the rest of the theater needs to know about.  In fact, we don't really care at all.  Your life is mundane, and I didn't pay $8 to listen to you talk about your life.  No one else really cares about it either.  You are unimportant and so are your conversations once the movie has started in the eyes of those around you.  Shhhh.

4. Keep your feet off the seat in front of you if it is in use.

It would be lovely if all theaters were like Fork and Screen and had plush recliners to sit in.  Unfortunately, that is not how 90% of theaters are, so you should do the following options with your legs:  cross them, place both feet firmly on the ground, sit cross legged.  Do not put your feet on the seat in front of you if someone is in it, do not kick it, do not wiggle it with your feet.  Just leave the person in front of you alone.  It's not a massage chair, and they are uncomfortable enough as is without having your feet/legs violently shaking them.

(Do you really need a visual?)

5. If you must bring a child, please control him/her.

That would include following the rules above as well as making sure your child doesn't throw candy or throw fits.  Your precious snowflake is not more important than the storyline.  No one paid money to listen to a tantrum, and you shouldn't subject people to your child's whims.  It makes him/her look like a brat, and it makes you look like a shitty parent.  (Remember, there are doors for you to use at your leisure!)

Thank you.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Ben and I put the crib together today...took about 3 hours, but we did it!  (Ok, ok, he did most of the work, but I was definitely helpful!)

The nursery is NOT set up how I want it yet, but I was DYING to get the bedding on it.  I also wanted to wash all the clothes and blankets we had to get them stored away in drawers and not piled up everywhere.  

Side view of the crib with diaper holder.

Awww, crib buddies!

Hard workin' man.

Front of the crib.  I LOVE the design!

Inside of the crib!

Dresser/Changer.  The blanket on top is the one my mom made.
So that's what we've got so far.  The rest of the room is still a complete disaster, but I'm slowly but surely getting it put away.

23 weeks on Tuesday.  I've been baking a lot, and had my cute apron on!
I made BBQ chicken packets the other day for dinner.  Trying to come up with new meals for us to eat instead of the same old thing.  They turned out great.  Here's a picture:
Chicken was smothered in Oklahoma Joe's BBQ sauce, pineapple, and corn.  

That's all for now, I need to go finish up the laundry...although it's hard to get up with a fluffy cat keeping you warm...

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Why today was AMAZING:

1. Ben woke me up at 7am to tell me that he had made STAFF SGT!  He worked hard for this, and I'm super proud.  I was extremely exhausted, but peeled myself out of bed while he was moving around the house (after all, he got off work at 2am and was up already...).  I suggested we go out for breakfast, so we headed out for IHOP.  (After my shower, of course.  I went to bed with wet hair and I looked like a mad scientist crossed with this guy:

2. We went to Walmart to get stuff for Ben's favorite meal: lasagna.  Yes, I make if from scratch.  Yes, you can be envious.  So while we were there, I got some good news of my own.  No, I'm sorry, I can't tell you yet.  Soon enough though.  It was enough to send both Ben and I over the edge of happiness!

3. I baked a ton of oatmeal raisin and peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies for Ben to take to work with him.  (PS. he should be home any minute because he only has to work a couple hours tonight!)

4. The nursery furniture arrived today!  The delivery guy was really nice and had a New England accent.  Not thick and obnoxious (like Jersey accents), but subtle and fun.  Reminded me of my sister and my family in CT and MA.  


So that's about it, but I'm pretty stoked about this entire day.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Furniture will be here TOMORROW!

...however...the desk and dresser are STILL in the nursery, so we can't set it up yet.  Lame.

There are plenty of dudes Ben works with, they should just come over tomorrow and move that out!

In other news, I saw my belly move while Baby Ward was kicking last night.  It was pretty rad/weird.  Ben suggested the name Ariel again.  As much as I like The Little Mermaid and what the name means (Lioness of God), I just don't think it fits her.  I can't really explain WHY I feel like that already, but I do.  It just doesn't fit. And I don't think Ariel Jean sounds as good as Gwendolyn Jean or Zoe Jean.

For non-baby news:
I made a complaint about my experience at the movie theater here in town, and I was sent 4 free passes for any movie anytime!  When Ben and I had looked at movie times online, the movie was shown to have a 3pm start time.  When we got to the theater at 2:30ish, the 2 people working the ticket counter were having a conversation and were messing up on other people's orders ahead of us.  When it was my turn, I said, "2 for Crazy Stupid Love at 3, please."  She looked at me and said, "What movie?"  Ben repeated it, and she finally understood what we were saying.  She then ran my card and as she's handing me the ticket stubs, she says, "And that's at 4:30, not 3."  I said, "Oh, online it said 3."  She replied snottily, "NO.  Harry Potter is at 3."  and then just dismissed me.  I was slightly irritated.   Before that, we had gone out to lunch at Jaliscos in town, and had the WORST waitress.  Firstly, she was confused by "chicken taco salad".  She didn't actually know what I wanted.  I had to break it down for her.  Our food came out before our drinks did.  We had to ask for our drinks 3 times and for more chips and salsa 2 or 3 times.  We also had to ask for the chili sauce that is supposed to come with the burritos.  To make matters worse, she was scarcely around, so we had to wait to ask.  This was just the last irritation.
I got a really nice email from the manager and she mailed them out promptly.  Very nice.

Still waiting to hear from either school that I interviewed at.  There was a freeze put on the positions, but apparently that was lifted today and the approvals should have gone out today.  Yeah, we'll see.  I will call tomorrow if I haven't heard anything by noonish.  I don't want to be a bother, but I do want to start preparing my classroom (best case scenario) or decide if I want to sub or be an EA this year.  Ugh.

And, my love for Matt Damon grew after watching this video.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I've been working on trying to get the nursery sort of cleaned out to get ready for the crib and dresser/changer.  They should be delivered anytime between tomorrow and Thursday!  I'm at a standstill right now though because we need to get someone over to help Ben move a couple big pieces of furniture out of the nursery and into the garage.
As soon as I get the furniture set up, I can figure out what size paintings I need to do as well as where I want to put it.  Right now, I'm stuck.  The furniture delivery people should be calling me back soon to set up a time to deliver.

I did get one thing put up in the nursery!

I'm wanting to bake, but if I do, I send it to work with Ben.  Usually, that wouldn't be a problem, but there are some people on his shift now that I'm not totally fond of...and I don't want them to enjoy homemade goodies.  I'm sure that makes me sound like a jerk, but I don't really care.  I've got pineapple upside down cake I could make as well as pecan bars.  

I'm ready for fall weather.  
I'm ready for fall baking.
I'm ready for fall clothes.

I'm also ready to find out whether or not I'm going to get a full time teaching position.  There's a freeze right  now on telling people if they've been hired.  Basically, the district is trying to figure out if they can just transfer people around and make classrooms fuller rather than have to hire new teachers. I know that some of my friends in the district are stressing out because they have WAY too many kids in the classroom to be effective for each student.  It's sad, but that's what happens when the district goes broke and the state has no money to help...and there are wasted jobs in higher up areas of the district.  Eh.  Oh well.