Monday, October 25, 2010

Witness the glory that is Ben and I as Ash and Misty.  We were a huge hit at the party!

I'm getting a little frustrated with the daycare, only because I'm sometimes left by myself in the infant room with more than 4 by myself for several hours.  It's hard to get someone to come in and help sometimes.  Plus, we've got one that cries unless he's asleep.  Seriously, we got about 20 minutes of quiet today when he was napping.  The rest of the time, he was SCREAMING.  Not awesome.

I had an interview at Zia Elementary School today.  Hopefully, I made a good impression and she hires me.  I want to be a teacher, not a glorified babysitter.

We are going to Colorado this weekend, and I'm pretty pumped.  We're going with the Searcys
We're gonna do some celebrating on Halloween, and then go and see the sights!  I'm going to take lots of pictures...I've never been to Colorado, and I'm excited to be shown around. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It is so hard to wait for a package to come after you order it!

Saw Paranormal Activity 2 last night.  It was pretty scary!  Probably would have been more scary if the audience wouldn't have been filled with the most annoying people on the planet.  This girl next to me kept asking stupid questions in EVERY SCENE!  Like, "OMG, is that the dog?"  "Where's the sister?"  Uh, stfu.  Then we had stereotypical black girl who would jump out of her seat screaming and dance around in the aisle every time something scary happened.  Still a creepy movie though.

Halloween party tonight, so that should be fun.  Here's what Ben and I are going as:

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Christmas List

1. Toy Story 2 and 3

2. Forever21 Gift Card

3. Old Navy Gift Card

4.  Zombie Gauges-size 0

5.  Sparrow "Love" Necklace

6. Victoria's Secret Gift Card

7. This tattoo:

8. Green Peacoat

9. Flogging Molly Hoodie

Size small

10. This dress! SOLD OUT!
Size medium

11. 80gb Ipod Classic-Black 

My ipod is on it's last leg.

12. Fantasia/Fantasia 2000

Size small
Colors: black or green

14. Sequin Sweater-Old Navy

Size small
15. Lightening Bolt Gauges-Size 0

16. Black Trim Hoodie
Size small
17. Cable Knit Mittens GIFT RECEIVED!
Black or Pink

18. Polar Bear Flannel Pants SOLD OUT!
(I also like the black and white heart ones)
Size medium

Size 7.5-8
21. MAC Makeup Gift Card
Colors I like:
Robin's Egg Blue
Shimmer Moss
Knight Divine

Vegas Volt
23. Peacock Heels SOLD OUT!

Size 7.5

24. Bow Sequin Bag

25. Teal and Pink Pin Up Heels

Size 7.5 

26. Forever21 Striped Dress

Size medium, colors black and neon blue as shown.
Size small

That's it for now...I'm sure I'll add more later!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christmas presents

People I need to get gifts for:

Alex (maybe the zombie painting?)
Jack (some golf thing)
(Wow, the list got shorter this year!)

Mary Grace



I guess not a lot of our friends do a gift exchange.  I'm sure there will be something around here, but it'll be like a secret santa thing.  No biggie.

I started work at the daycare today.  Kind of stressful because some girl had a meltdown and had to leave her room, my helper went to the other room, and I was in a room with 4 infants and I had no idea what to do.  I mean, I obviously know how to take care of a baby, but I didn't know their personalities and how often they should eat, etc...worked 9 hours today.  Holler.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Much needed 4 day weekend


On Friday, Ben and I went to the RT house and had some delicious dinner and conversation.  Was quite a good time!


I cleaned during the day and then TWENTY-ONE of us went out to Amarillo to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and to the 6th Street Massacre Haunted House!  It was super fun!


Ben went to watch the football games with the boys on base, and I cleaned up at the house.  I met up with everyone later on in the afternoon and we had dinner and drinks at the Searcy house.


We had dinner at a new little diner, then Ben and I went to Bath and Body Works because I had THREE coupons to use (buy one get one free, free travel item, and a 20% off item).

I got:

Yeah, I kind of made out like a bandit.

Then, Alexis and Ali came over and we baked up a storm!  We made:
*Pumpkin dip (to be used with ginger snaps)
*Chocolate dipped peanut butter balls
*Pumpkin cookies
*Pumpkin cheesecake
*Pumpkin shaped cake

Next theme of baking is peppermint!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tonight, tonight, there's only you tonight....

*I got a job today!  Within 10 minutes of me talking to her, she asked if I wanted to come to work the next day!  It pays more an hour than subbing does, and she said that she wouldn't be offended if I ended up leaving later on to work in the district.  I'll be working at a daycare!  I'm pretty stoked about it. 

*We went to the squadron's football game tonight.  They played a team who hadn't lost a game in 3 years.  Despite them cheating and lying to the refs (telling them they hadn't just had their 4th down when everyone knew they had), our squadron beat them!  YES!  It was a lot of fun, and it got surprisingly cold outside! 

*Ben's in a crabby mood right now because his XBox takes forever to turn on games.  I want to say that it could be because he kept taking it to work, leaving it in his backpack, and taking it back to MO to his house...but that's not a great idea when he's this irritated. 

*Wine night with the girls tomorrow, and then a haunted house on Saturday night!  Wee!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

*Ben and I are caught up on Dexter now.  I love VUZE.

*I work tomorrow (it's a movie day though!) and then off on Friday and Monday for "fall break".  I'm meeting with someone from a daycare tomorrow to apply for a position.  I'm hoping for the preschool position though, so I can get my holidays and summers off.  I'll take what I can get though.  I miss having a big paycheck. 

*I have peed approximately 75 times today. 

*I'd really like to be able to take a trip back to MO.  I miss my friends, I miss my family.

*I finished a painting for my mom today.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tripping the Light Fantastic

*Does anyone have an extra $142 I can have?  I would love to sit in the orchestra section when I go see Wicked the Musical in Albuquerque in either Jan or Feb.  I promise that I will completely enjoy it and it would probably make me pee my pants with happiness just a little bit.

I've been waiting to see this since it first came out.

*I'm making salmon, baked potatoes, and broccoli for dinner and my house smells awesome.  While we dine, we will watch the first 2 episodes of Dexter Season 5 which I got off of VUZE.  Loves it.

*I'm tired of subbing.  I just want another job now. 

*Anytime I see something with Harry Potter, I get super stoked for November 19th.  I will be with Harry in the end.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bullet points

*I'm applying for a pre-school position here in town since we're not leaving.  (Cross your fingers, everyone)

*I had a freaking fantastic weekend.

*I made $70 working 2 hours this afternoon.

*Banana chocolate chip cookies are a big hit at parties.

*I love Fall, and today it was 49 degrees outside.

*I think Ben and I are going as Ash and Misty from Pokemon.

*I'm currently enjoying a banana/peach smoothie.  Not a Fall drink at all.