Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hard to get time at the computer!

This is what I have been able to work on when I get a moment.  Instead of the traditional birth announcements (because facebook makes them kind of useless...), I made this to hang in my house!

I don't get much time to myself anymore, and that has been a real adjustment, and some times are harder than others...but in the end, I really do love it.  

Thanks for the headband, Colsie!

I made that bow!

Dinner and bed time is so fun!

Got my desk painted (thanks to Ben) and moved into the house.  Craft time!

Found out today that a friend here in Clovis passed away.  It feels more tragic when someone dies when they are still young.  He was only a little older than me.  It still doesn't feel real.  It just feels like he's still there.  The memorial service was today.  I kept it together until the pastor said exactly what I needed to hear.  He wasn't alone when he passed.  When you are a Christian and accept Christ into your heart, His name is written on your heart. You are never alone from that point out.  I actually think that was the same thing I was told the day I was saved. 
See, what bothered me the most was thinking that he was by himself when he needed us most.  It really got to me.  So hearing that really meant a lot, and I think that it helped a lot of people as well.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week one and done

Week one at home is over, and I think it went pretty well.

Had a rough night on Friday...Delilah screamed for about 2.5 hours straight...and I was functioning on about 2 hours of sleep (just from being so busy).  Finally, I gave her some gas medicine and she was able to calm down. I had no idea!  I think the deli meat I had eaten for lunch the past couple days was upsetting her stomach.  I've been giving her meds at almost every feeding, and last night was really calm!  I also think she was frustrated at the change from breast shield to bare breast.  We're doing much better though and we only used the shield once yesterday!  (and it was the early morning feeding and she was still gassy)

Had people over yesterday, Ben and the dude enjoyed some beers, some of which the guy actually brewed in his garage.  His wife is really nice too, and I enjoyed visiting with her.  She's a quiet person, but has a lot to say if you're listening.

Ben got me a kindle fire for Christmas, and so far, I've already finished 2 books and am halfway through another!  Water for Elephants is fantastic, so is The Help.  I got WFE from Netflix and it stayed pretty close to the book (which I appreciate).  I've got The Help here now, and hopefully we'll watch that tonight.  It's so easy to just feed Lilah and read at the same time.  No pages to turn, no heavy or awkward book to hold and balance with one hand.

Still waiting on getting the desk moved from the garage into the house.  I would love to start working on some new crafty crafts!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3

Day 3 of being a "stay at home mom" and so far, so good!
Lilah and I are figuring things out together and getting somewhat of a schedule going and things are going pretty well!

I had a lactation consultant come by today.  I've been using breast shields while she eats, and the experts say that it's not the best thing for the baby...plus, bare breast will be more convenient.  She was really nice and encouraging...unlike the others that I've encountered.  I've been told that using the shields is awful, it's horrible for my baby, I need to get rid of them ASAP...basically no one is being sensitive that I'm a new mom and the shields were given to me by a nurse in the hospital.  Am I supposed to second guess everything?
It's really frustrating figuring things out  and trying to do the best I can and then have these elitists try and make me feel bad.  Have they forgotten what it's like to be a first time mom?
Part of me feels like once people are done being pregnant, done with the first baby, etc...they forget how they felt in those situations.  If they remembered, they wouldn't treat pregnant women and first time moms with such disdain.  Not all advice/comments are needed.

I'm working on getting the house back together after coming back from MO.  Laundry is almost totally done, and just working on the clutter now.  I've got a desk in the garage that I'd like to strip and paint either turquoise or robin's egg blue and set up in the dining room for crafts.  I got a cricut for Christmas, and I can't wait to start.  I'm making Lilah's baby book and also a book called 365 Days of Delilah, documenting her in pictures for every day for her first year.  I can't wait to get started!

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