Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Still so much going on!

First off, I have to say how thankful I am for a few things:

1. The generosity of my mom and Jack. Seriously. They help me when I don't ask for it, but need it, and I can't thank them enough for that.

2. My amazing kid who is dealing with the incredible change from moving to America from Germany without Ben AND going on all kinds of boring grown up errands. She's the best.

3. My incredible husband, Benjamin, who is taking care of business across the ocean.  We are one solid freaking team, and I'm just so happy about that.

4. These tiny little dancers in my tummy who make me tired and happy and scared and excited all at once. 

Went to the new base today and took care of passport stuff as well as got my ID renewed.  

Met with 2 fencing guys who measured my new backyard. All were over the budget that Jack had originally given me, so I was going to keep looking.  Got home and showed him, and he insisted that a privacy fence was going to be best for safety and peace of mind, so that's what he is going to get for us.  I held back the pregnancy and thankful tears, but I gave him a huge hug and thanked him because that is INCREDIBLY generous.  We have a beautiful backyard in the new house, and now it is going to be even better.

Tomorrow, meeting with my maternity heart care specialists and then possibly getting a car?  Gotta check it over and make sure the monthly payments are what we want. 

The only really stressful thing happening right now is our landlord not signing a paper properly (and now she's in the hospital) and digging her feet in about a known problem.  The realtor who has been working with us is 100% on our side and has contacted both housing and the landlady for us.  Hoping that she has the power to sign the paper for us so we can get the contract taken care of and officially check out of the house.  Landlady is very close to not being able to rent to military anymore, and that would be the loss of her income, so I hope she comes to her senses.  She told me today she's too busy to talk to the is NOT happy about that.  Just going to keep praying that things work out in our favor. 

I am officially listed:

(link opens in a new window)

So if you need some art or dryer balls, check me out!

Time for bed.  Going to do my stretches and snuggle up next to my daughter and pets. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Still taking care of business

I've officially decided on a home insurance company.  Let them know, and now we just sign those papers and hand them into the mortgage lender.  Things are moving forward, one step at a time.  Took me about a week to decide between the different companies.  USAA is about to lose our business for auto insurance.  They've quoted us higher on almost everything we've inquired on than any local places.  That's kind of disappointing.  The banking is great, but everything else is running a bit high.

Still waiting to hear about a car.  I've got a guy looking for one for I just have to be patient.  Luckily, my mom is wonderful and doesn't mind lending her car out if I need it. 

3 more sleeps until my birthday!  I can't believe I'll be 32.  I still feel like I haven't been out of college but a couple years.  I wouldn't go back to that point in my life though, I've grown so much and so have my relationships and family.  I'm really thankful for where I am in life right now.  

I said I didn't want anything for my bday, but I did find a pair of Toms I'm in love with...but they can wait.  
For real though, how cute are they?

Delilah woke up very sad this morning.  Being away from Ben is very hard on her.  So many new changes, so much is just flip flopping in her world.  I'm doing my best to keep everything stable, but we really are in limbo right now.  Most I can do is be patient and understanding, and keep things as normal as possible.  It'll be awhile before things are "on track".  We'll be moving into our new house, the twins will come, she'll start school, Ben will be back in the tower, etc...We'll find our groove.  Luckily, we are a pretty lovey family, and we can get through anything.

I've got her using my watercolor paints and being creative right now, it seems to be helping.  She's so my daughter. :)  

This is what she requested for her room.  I happily obliged. 

My little artsy girl. 

Hope everyone's week went great!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 10 in AMERICA!

It has really been a whirlwind, but I'll try and catch up. 

We had our final walkthrough of our house on the 6th of June.  All was well, all was great (except the oil, which is still being looked at as the heaters have been messed up).  On the 7th, we had a great going away dinner for me and Delilah with some of our closest friends (and it was our 9 year anniversary!!!). 

On the 8th, we prepared to leave.  I finished packing up the suitcases, making sure every little thing was in the right spot and anything I needed to be accessible was accessible (like orders/passports/health paperwork/pet paperwork).  Ben loaded the car, and we went to go check in at the airport.  Stood in line about 40 minutes with pets and heavy bags, and discovered that our flight was actually 4 hours delayed!  So after dropping off the bags, we went with the pets and had a happy meal picnic at a playground where Delilah played and Ben and I just sat peacefully.  It was the perfect temperature outside, and we just enjoyed the company.  

He dropped us off at the airport, stood in line with us until we finally had to go through security.  That's when I started breaking down, Delilah was breaking down, he was breaking down.  We hugged tight and gave kisses, and he had to leave.  Watching him walk away was so hard.  I know this isn't a long separation, only a month, but it's still hard.

We made it through security, Delilah found some friends to play with before we boarded.  Once we were herded onto the plane, we were just about to sit down in the middle seats of the middle section of this giant plane when a man stopped us.  He asked how many were in our party, and offered us seats in the executive suite.  I was SO thankful.  A little more room and an aisle seat for my pregnant butt.  Plus, I had a little more space to get up and move around so I didn't get bad feet swelling or anything.  It was a long flight (8 1/2 hours), and I think I got about an hour and a half of sleep.  Delilah got about 3.  We landed in Baltimore at midnight and finally got our bags at 1:30am.  God bless Katie who was waiting for us and took us to the hotel so we could rest for a couple hours before our next flight.  Delilah fell asleep right away, but I couldn't.  I got about an hour in the hotel, then woke up with too much racing through my head.

Left for the airport again at 4am, got there and in line by 4:30ish, and it took a full hour to get the pets checked in.  Everyone was moving so SLOWLY.  It was 5:30 by the time I got to security, and the line was about 50 people long. I knew we were going to miss our I grabbed Delilah and cut everyone.  Yeah, dick move, but I was 26 weeks pregnant with a 5 year old and pets flying across the world on 2.5 hours of sleep.  Sue me.  Got through security (which is a pain because I can't go through the detectors, Delilah can, so we are separated and all our stuff AND this lady tried putting her baskets in between min), but we got through it.  We both RAN to our gate, and made it in time to grab a water right next door to the gate to get on the plane.  (I forgot about added tax in America, that was stupid)  Could have missed our flight...but we didn't.  Had some kind of angel pushing my slow booty faster to that gate.  God bless my child who is also running on little sleep for being amazing and a trooper and generally the best kid ever dot com.

Got on the plane, and we treated ourselves to a reese's pb cup and she had some m&ms.  Candy at 6am?  Why the heck not?  We deserve it at this point.  She got our her kindle and read some books while I sat there just being thankful that we were on the flight.  That one was short, Baltimore to Detroit.  Once we got to Detroit, she still had some airline pretzels in her purse (because the flight attendants were super kind and gave her a ton...that reminds me, I gotta tweet the Delta flight twitter and thank them), so she snacked while we waited at the gate, which wasn't long.  About 30 minutes and we were on the next flight headed to KC!  

Landed early in KC, so mom hadn't made it yet.  We were waiting for our baggage when I turned around and THERE SHE WAS!  I can't tell you how wonderful it was seeing her after 3.5 years and how much it made my heart burst when Delilah yelled, "GRANDMA" and just hugged her.  it was just so sweet.  Her friend Mike came with to help get all our things home and we had an easy ride home.  Delilah slept some on the way, but I was too jazzed.  We stayed awake visiting and hanging out with my mom and Jack all day, and they grilled for us!  Delilah fit right in with everyone, it was like we hadn't been gone at all.  Even all the dogs got along, formed their own little pack right away.  My 9 year old dog is out running in the yard with the 2 and 3 year old pups that my mom has.  It is just so neat to see!  

We haven't really taken a "break" since getting here.  I had a house inspection to go to (omg the house we are buying is in such good condition), and everything went great on that.  The sellers are fixing the minor issues (like fixing a light socket) and so that's taken care of.  It's so roomy and homey and I've already got big plans for it!  If everything goes according to plan, we can sign closing papers on July 17th, so I'm just trucking along, making that happen.  

Been looking for a car too.  I've got a nice guy at a Honda dealership looking for the exact model/year/price range I want, so I'm kind of letting him take the reigns because I have told him exactly what I want and they have an extensive buying network.  

Got seen by the doctor I wanted to be seen and will deliver the twins at the hospital that I chose.  Excellent NICU, nursing staff, maternal heart clinic, and came with a personal recommendation from a friend.  Met the doctor today, and I'm very happy with my choice.  The twins are doing well, both feel very strong, they definitely do some interesting flips/moves once I lay down for the evening.  I am a couple days shy of 28 weeks, and I've gained about 19lbs.  Not doing anything except eating when I'm hungry and eating well.  I do stretches and some body weight exercises (very lightly) each evening, and that seems to help me sleep...except my hips hurt and I have to switch sides all the time.  

Ben...Ben just got done running an ULTRAMARATHON at the Zugspitz because he is amazing and a badass.  Ran 62k, including up a mountain and I couldn't be more proud.  

Seriously though, look at that guy (in the orange).  I'm one lucky lady. 

Next on the list?  Just making lists for the house and waiting patiently until Ben comes back to us.  (COME TO AMERICA QUICKLY, PLEASE)

So there's a brief (long) catchup of our 10 days in America.  

I don't know what I would do without my mom and Jack.  Mom has been amazing and helping us with basically everything.  She and Delilah are so much like me and my grandma it's uncanny.  I love seeing their relationship blossom and bloom.  It's making me so happy.  I'm so thankful for my mom, she has no idea how deep my gratitude goes.  I just hope that by telling her every day how much I appreciate it and how much I love her that she knows. :)

That's all for now. I'm going to go wash my face/brush my teeth and watch The Office.