Saturday, April 30, 2011

Frightmare Weekend so far

So far, this has been an amazing trip. 


Woke up, and had a warm breakfast at the hotel.  Actually managed to get everyone up and moving, even if it was a bit slow going.  Didn't make it to the convention at the time I wanted (didn't think that would happen), and it took us some time to figure out which line we needed to be in.  Once the doors opened, the long line I was standing in turned into nothing as I was ushered inside in less than a minute.  I immediately made haste to Malcolm McDowell's line, which I got into with hardly anyone in front of me.  Ben and I were pretty lucky.  We got our copy of A Clockwork Orange signed, and got to take pictures with him.  It was really cool meeting someone so famous, and someone that was in one of my favorite movies.  I was pretty ecstatic. 
After that, Mary, Sam, and I went around wandering through the crowds.  We ended up spotting Brian Austin Green (who I've become a fan of since Desperate Housewives).  The line to see him was pretty long, but somehow, Sam just jumped in front of everyone and we got to take a picture with him.  The people at their table were really nice and not charging for pictures.  They said they just wanted to meet fans and promote the movie.  Pretty awesome!
After that, we wandered some more and decided to head back to the hotel and then go get lunch.  When we got back, we went straight back to the convention so that we could get a picture with Cary Elwes and have him sign our copy of The Princess Bride.  We were standing in line, and someone had come around saying that if we wanted to go get autographs from someone else in the room, we could skip the line and get to Cary quicker.  Mary decided to follow him and then just got in line to see Cary.  She ran back and grabbed us and we ended up somehow cutting like 30 people in line to see him.  I have no idea how we didn't get stopped, but luck must have been on our side.  I got my movie signed, and Ben and I got a picture with him.  It was wonderful.  He also wrote, "As you wish" on my movie and signed the actual DVD.  I was overwhelmed with happiness.  Yet again, we got to meet someone we wanted to quickly and without any trouble!
We headed downstairs and Mary, Sam, and I got in line to meet the boys from The Boondock Saints.  They were all REALLY nice and took pictures with us. 
Finally, we were ready to leave, when all of a sudden...Anchor Bay productions started giving away these sharktopus stuffed animals I had been trying to get ALL day.  Ben and Landon ran over to see if they were going to throw them out, but they were asking trivia.  No one was getting it, and then they asked, "What are two celebrities that die in Scream 4?"  Landon screamed out 2 celebrities from the movie and WON!  I got my toy, and funny thing is, he didn't even see the movie! 

I have officially done everything at Frightmare that I wanted to do.

Tonight, we're going to medieval times, and then possibly going to a midnight showing of The Human Centipede.  I'm sure it'll give me nightmares.

How wonderful!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another GREAT weekend.

Friday, we went out with some friends to Kelly's.  At first, it was a little awkward because I hadn't seen some of these people in quite awhile, but after awhile it was just fine.  I realized how lucky I am to A. Not be single in Clovis and B. Not be single and desperate enough to try to find a one night stand on the dance floor at Kelly's. Seriously...these people were REALLY desperate.  Ick.

Saturday, we woke up and needed to run a couple errands in town.  This turned into an antique shop adventure and we visited a few shops here in town.  First shop was my favorite because we found these 2 gems:

Cutest owls ever, right?  The cookie jar is actually from the 60s.  It's proudly displayed in my kitchen now, along with the salt and pepper shakers!

Saturday night, we spent the evening watching Twin Peaks on Netflix and just hanging out with one another.  It's one of our favorite past times.

Sunday, I woke up around 9:30am and came out into the living room.  The kitchen was clean spotless, the living room was picked up, and I had a giant Easter basket waiting for me on the counter.
Yeah, I have the best husband ever.
I made a roast cooked in beef broth with red potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery with a strawberry triffle for dessert.  So wonderful!  We had some of Ben's coworkers over for dinner, and there were NO leftovers.

This week at work, I only have 3 work days, and 2 of them are with kids.  Today, I was blessed in having 2 of our most difficult children stay at home for some reason.  I know it won't be the same tomorrow, but it was a nice way to come back on a Monday!

I'm off to get ready for bed.  The pets are all sprawled out after running around the house with me playing with the rope toy.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


For the last 3 weekends or so, Ben and I have pretty much just stayed to ourselves.  We've stayed in and watched movies, or we've gone to dinner just us and out to see a movie.  We've spent the day either running around town or just enjoying each other's company at home.  It's been really nice.
For us, who normally go out to parties on the weekends or get together with people, it's been a really nice change to just hang out with one another.  We're not upset at anyone or avoiding anyone, we're just enjoying being together and I love it.

Yesterday, we spent the day around Clovis taking pictures of different things.  Ben has a good eye for stuff and it was a really good time.  Most of the things he took pictures of are really ugly buildings in town, but in the pictures, they look very interesting.  Here's a couple of my favorites:

We also got a treadmill yesterday!  Got it really cheap from a friend who just wanted it out of their house.  Now we've got it set up in the guest room.  I'm excited because when it's really windy outside (like 60mph wind like we had earlier this week), I can still walk 2 miles and get some exercise in.  Not like I don't get enough at work running after all the kids, but it's different!

Otis started obedience school officially this week and by the end was doing so much better. All I want is for him to pay attention to me on walks and not act aggressive to men and dogs when he's on a leash.  That's all I want.  Manners!  My good friend Elsa has been going with me with her great dane.

There's a catch up of what's been going on!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guess what

I'll be in Dallas in about 3 weeks.

I'm pretty stoked.

Today, I was driving through Clovis and had this thought, "I hate this stupid ugly little town.  It's so gross."
Guys, it really is.
Here is why:
1. It smells like cow poop/cheese factory most of the time.
2. Unless you live in a couple of neighborhoods, your's is most likely run down with junkyard yards.
3. There are tons of stray dogs-probably escaped from abusive homes.
4. I know there's rampant dog fighting.
5. Bored/boring people try to hurt others for fun.
6. The nearest shopping is 2 hours away and in a different time zone.
7. My friends and family are 12 hours away.
8. The decor and taste around here is appalling.  I can't believe people buy some of the stuff that they do.
9. No real grass.  It's red dirt and weeds.
10. The 40mph or more winds EVERY DAY.

So, I'm definitely excited about getting a chance to get out of town with my best friend (Ben, of course) and go to a real city to see more friends!