Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear “attention-seeker”,
I would like you to know that everyone knows that you’re in the room.  I would also like you to know that not everyone wants you, nor do they want you to want them.  You are no longer the person you used to be, so it would probably be a smart idea to stop pretending/acting like you are.  Please stop pointing things out to embarrass other people to make yourself look better.  It’s annoying.  Also, every single person who hangs out with you knows about all of this.

Dear “no-personality”,
I bet you would be a really cool person if you would just be yourself.  I know people would like you.  You seem friendly enough, but we really don’t know because you’re pretending to be someone else.  It was funny at first, but now it’s really weird.  Please stop.

Dear “husband-hater”,
Wow, I have NEVER seen someone’s husband so whipped in my entire life.  That’s not love, dearie, that’s servitude.  I don’t know what kind of blackmail you have over him, but dang, it must be good!  Anyway, I just want you to know that everyone feels sorry for him.  It’s really horrible how you act to him, and I want you to know that he’s actually a really nice person!  You should give him a chance more often.

Dear “I-get-drunk-and-slutty-every-weekend”,
I think it’s funny how you are constantly talking about how wasted you are/were on fb, and about dudes that you hang out with.  I would like you to know that people started hanging out with you because you had drugsthat’s all.  Also, I watched someone spray deodorant in your hair one time because it smelled.

Dear “Munchausen-Syndrome”,
I do not believe a single word you say anymore.  No one is that happy about being sick, unless there is something wrong in his/her head.  You get this weird gleam in your eyes when you talk about how “sick” you are, and it’s happiness!  I know you totally love the attention that it gives you, but I find it disgusting, and I’m not going to give you anymore attention about it.  Stop trying to share your every detail with me, and stop trying to pry me and everyone else about things we don’t want to talk about.  You’re freaking crazy.  You’re also lucky that I’m a nice person and just vent via the internet or I could/would totally make you cry.

Dear “people-pusher”,
Naw, I don’t mean that you actually physically push peoplebut you pushed a bunch of people away based on a bunch of lies.  I don’t put up with certain things, and a two-faced person is one of those things. I could have integrated you, but you shut me out, and that’s ok.  It’s not my problem, but just knoweveryone loves me.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I’m starting to worry about this summer.  I know we’re OK, but I want to be able to get another job so that I can help out more with the move to Japan.  I know Ben likes me being home, but I feel like I need to be out there making more money so that we’re more comfortable during the move.

Got the first vet appointment for the pets.  Got to get them microchipped and get another rabies shot.  It’s going to be expensive, but it’s worth it to me.

Had a really fun weekend!  Bantaus hung out with us Saturday and we all stayed up until the sun came up!   It was CRAZY!  I haven’t done that in a really long time.  We just hung out and played Wii.  When Sunday came along, I got about 2 hours of sleep and tried my best to stay awake all day so that I’d be able to sleep at night!  I cleaned a bunch, packed a bunch, made a “stuff to sell” pile, threw stuff away, trimmed the hedges out front, swept, cleaned the kitchen, and took care of the pets.  In Ben’s words, “Danielle, you’re a badass.”  Yeah, I know. 
 This is what happened after she put pretzels and a kernel of dog food down his pants.

I don't remember why I was doing this to Ben, but I obviously win the battle.

Pretending to kick me.
Trust fall!
Trust fall!
Trust fall!
Trust fall!
Annnnnd, the next morning/afternoon.

Surprise!  I have had 3 parents that I definitely needed to meet with totally skip out on coming, and none have working numbers. Shocking.  I hate parents like this, especially when people who would be great parents can’t have kids.  It’s ridiculous.

I really don’t have anything to do here today besides wait for parents to show up. I’ve done a bunch of cleaning earlier in the week, I have all my stuff ready for the next couple weeks, and my summer school recommendations are put in.  I feel successful. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My students have an appreciation for Fleet Foxes.  They seem to be really enjoying the music and are being really productive with their work!  Ha ha ha, my little indie classroom.

So glad today is Friday.  Only 26.5 more days until the end of the year.  I have an interview for the summer school position this afternoon.  I really hope I get it.  That extra money will be such a weight off of my chest for the big move. 

I went out with Alexis, Elsa, and Misiti last night to see How to Train Your Dragon.  It was so good!  One of the best animated movies I’ve seen in a LONG time!  (And that’s saying something, since it was Dreamworks, and I’m a Pixar/Disney girl!)

Only 2 weeks until we are in Dallas.  Besides the horror movie aspect of it, I really would like to see the Grassy Knoll.  Love that history stuff!

Looking back at last night, I'm realizing just how many times I got made fun of when I got home.  How awesome!  What a stupid night.  I should have just stayed and hung out with Alexis.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today was a ridiculously good day, despite the fact that I had to bite my tongue so muchIt is getting harder and harder every day not to tell someone that they are a complete delusional idiot and I don’t actually want them to ever talk to me again.  Honestly, one of the many things I’m not going to miss about being here in Clovis.  Blarg.
Ben and I spent a lovely afternoon running around the base/Clovis.  He started the process of getting ABUs (goodbye handsome BDUs and your dark green coloring!), got food at Wendy’s (we had to, because we were both starving and we had to go to Walmartthat’s never a good thing), went to Pet Sense and got Margot a cat tree.  

As you can see, she freaking loves it.  It’s infused with cat nip, and I think she was pretty high for awhile.  Went to Walmart and got groceries for the next 2 weekshopefully I won’t have to go back for awhile!  Found the Big Sexy Hair pumpkin hair serum for SIXTY PERCENT OFF and then added a military discount to thatI paid $12 for 2 bottles, when one originally cost $15!  I’m quite happy with my purchase! 
Speaking of purchases, these will be here on the 19th:

Yeah, found them for cheap (thanks, a lot ebayoh wait, you wanted $50 not including shipping.  EFF YOU).
Had a fantastic night last night with Elsa and Alexis.  I really like those girls.  You can pretty much talk about whatever and know that your words aren’t being twisted around or the things you say aren’t going to be used against you later.  Ahhh.  Too bad They got here so late.  It would be nice to have had them the entire 2 years I’ve lived in Clovis!
Does anyone else get super offended when compared to someone you completely despise (even if it’s not a bad thing that someone is comparing)?  I do!  It makes me want to just freak out when I’m compared to some of the people out here, even associated with them!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a long weekend.  Nothing too exciting happened.  Rested Friday night after I took Ben and everyone in the tower my delicious chilieveryone loves it.
 After work, I went to Hot Topic to replenish my dwindling body jewelry collection.  I picked up some gauges.  This is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time now, but I didn’t want to because everyone else was.  Well, now, I’m pretty much the only person who has them (orWILL have them), so now it’s OK.  I also got a new belly button ring, new nose rings (because I lost my last one), and some rings for my ears.   

Went to Wal-Mart (aka: the most popular human trash dump in Clovis).  I really really hate that place.  I know I’ll miss it once I go to Japan, but the people there make me want to commit murder. 
Saturday was spent lounging around the house and playing Paper Mario, then off to a friend’s house to watch the UFC fight.  Had quite a good time with friends.  I slept in today, and then went to a going away party.  Now I’m chillin at home. 
Wow, what an exciting life!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank goodness this is the last day of testingI don’t think any of the students OR teachers could take much more of it. 

Spent last night playing Paper Mario, watching LOST, using my elliptical, and cleaning.  I got quite a bit done!  I was asleep before Ben got home, which doesn’t usually happen. 

Things to do:
  1. Get my butt into swim suit shape.
  2. Make a dentist appointment.
  3. Take some outside pictures with the new camera.
  4. Paint at least 2-3 more ceiling tiles before I leave.
  5. Start cleaning out the utility room-stuff to sell vs stuff to bring to Japan.
  6. Get Otis some more heart worm meds.
  7. Turn in my summer school application.

That’s all I can think of for the moment.  Not looking forward to number 2.  I hate going to the dentist.

So yet again, I have to say, I really wish that I could have no guilt about being mean sometimes.  There is a certain person that I know who really has been making everyone crazy lately.  Telling the same stories over and over, sharing details about her health that NO ONE needs/wants to know, trying to get other people to tell her about their problems, and just generally sucking big time.  The other day, my friend told me about how this certain person (let’s call her Pity Me) was telling her all about how Pity Me’s brother and sister-in-law were going through fertility treatments and they worked right away. Well, my friend is currently going through that and it hasn’t been successful.  Pity Me knows this.  Why she would come out and talk about something like that with someone who is going through something is really mean.  She just wants to know everyone’s problems and wants everyone to feel sorry for her.  Sorry, I’m not going to feel sorry for her.  I don’t care anymore.  Someone with that many problems who is actually HAPPY when they’re telling someone about all of them obviously has a screw loose.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kids are taking the science portion of the test today.  Some of the questions are actually difficult.  I had to really stop and think about it.  Of course, it’s been 7 years since I was in a science class that wasn’t biology. 

Things that I will NOT miss about Clovis, NM:
  1. The high gusts of non-stop wind.  Seriouslydo I really need 55mph wind on my coifed hair?
  2. The smell of: the cow farms and the factories.  One of them near the highway sometimes smells like cat urine.  BLECH.
  3. The high number of illegal immigrants.
  4. The lack of stop signs at 4 way stops.
  5. The stick tights in the grass.
  6. Red dirt.
  7. DRY DRY DRY weather.
  8. Tumbleweeds.
  9. The lack of restaurants.
  10. The lack of shopping, unless you want to drive 2 hours.

Things that I WILL miss about Clovis, NM:
  1. A certain few people I’ve met while here.
  2. My job.
  3. Familiarity.
  4. American roads.

Ok, it’s seriously sad that I can only think of 4 thingsand 2 of them aren’t just for ClovisIt really is true that the people you meet make your experience what it is. 

Things I will miss doing with people here in Clovis:
  1. Having Thursday night dinner/TV with Brandon and Alexis.
  2. BBQs in the summer at Colsie and Cooper’s.
  3. Friday night dinner/movie with Pete and Barnes.
  4. Wine nights with the ladies.
  5. Scrapbooking days/nights.
  6. Painting with Alexis.
  7. Hangover IHOP.
  8. Saturday nights with the crew.

It will be different, and I’m going to miss most of these people a lot, but it’s a new adventure for Ben and I, and I’m excited to be taking it with him. 

Things I hope to do before leaving Clovis, NM:
  1. Go to Carlsbad Caverns.
  2. Go to Red River again.
  3. Go to the zoo/aquarium in Albuquerque.

Three main things I want to make sure I do before I leave.
Things that I don’t care about or want to hear about:

  1. How much the designer thing you just bought cost.
  2. Every single detail of your health problems.  Ick.
  3. Every single detail of what your child does and how precious it is.
  4. Intense drama that never ends.

Things I do care about or want to hear about:

  1. How awesome your day was.
  2. If you need someone to talk to and not judge.
  3. Something totally radical and off the wall that happened.
  4. How super your spouse is because he/she did something really cool.

I just thought I’d clear that up, sometimes, people get confused about what I like to hear/talk about.

I’m out in the band portable right now with the kids taking their standardized tests, and it is SO FREAKING HOT out here.  It’s making me super sleepy.

I think Ben is coming around to the idea of living on base, at least for a year.  Honestly, another reason I don’t want to live off base is because Japan is so smooshed and crowdedI don’t want to live in an apartment building.  I’d much rather live in a duplex!  I’m OK with some sharing, but when my ceiling is someone’s floor, that’s not super awesome.  Plus, I think we’d save more money living on base because the housing there is quite expensive for what it isand it’s super tinywe’d have to store a LOT of our stuff.  Hopefully he takes these things into consideration. 

I’m going to take some pictures tonight. I finally got the CD to load onto my computer, so now the pics I take will go on mine. 

I’m thinking about doing the summer school job that is open at the school.  You make $25 an hour, work M-Th 7:30-12:30 for only 4 weeks!  It’d be a great way for us to get an extra (almost) 2 grand!  I’m going to apply.

I really wish there weren’t so many dang blocks on the school’s internetI could be online wish shopping while the kids test.  Only 1 isn’t doneI’ve read the directions several timesnot much more I can do. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spent Friday having dinner with Chris and Elsa.  It’s nice to be around real people who don’t have hidden agendas.  Sometimes when I’m around certain people here in Clovis, it always seems like they have some other motive for being there.  Anyway, it was fun.

Saturday, I relaxed at the house with Ben and took Otis and Rilo up to the field to play.  Barnes and a new guy came along as well.  There were already a couple people with their dogs up there, but I wasn’t worried because my dogs have played with others quite a bit. 
When we got into the field though, this big pit bull came over to Otis and wasn’t being friendly.  They were barking at one another, and she also snapped at him.  Barnes pulled them apart and the dogs went on their way.  Later on though when Otis walked by, the other dog did it again!  The owner said that the dog had been used as a “bait dog” during dog fighting.  So basically, this dog had been used as training for dogs to kill.  Great.  I don’t want my dog around that!  The dog came over to me and jumped up to be petted.  Otis did not like that and went after her.  They were both biting at one another and Barnes pulled them apart again.  Both dogs nicked his skin a bit.  I left with my dogs, very upset. 
I talked to Daun and Heather about it later, and both of them agreed with me that Otis was just protecting me from the other dog.  My mom said that no dog could come out of a situation like that (being a bait dog), and not have some kind of issues.  I know it wasn’t Otis because he’s played with other pit bulls before and breeds of all kinds.  I think the dog just didn’t like him and Otis was guarding me. 

That night, we went to the karaoke bar and drank and played pool.  It was a lot of fun.  Ben said the only thing that would have made it more fun is if one of our other friends would have come out too.  He wasn’t allowed to though, because his wife doesn’t like me.  I’m honestly not sure why, it just happened one day.  She was all about hanging out with me and then all of a sudden, she changed her mind and hung out with another lady around here who gossiped a lot.  It doesn’t bother me that she doesn’t like me, but to keep your husband away from his friends is a little ridiculous.  I was completely friendly with her and never act as if I don’t like her.  I don’t want to make anyone feel awkward.  Oh well.

Sunday, I spent the day cooking and cleaning in preparation for our Easter dinner.  We had: pot roast with red potatoes, baby carrots, and onions with a side of asparagus and rolls.  For dessert, we had strawberry triffle.  Ben and I invited a few of the single guys to come, knowing that they wouldn’t have an Easter supper.  We had Barnes, VB, and TJ over.  After dinner, a huge group of us went and saw Clash of the Titans.  It was totally not worth the time or money going and seeing itit was terrible.

I’m going to make a list.  This is a list about how you can not be a jerk and make friends easily:
  1. Don’t use things against people. Yeah, stuff happens and you get annoyed, but don’t ever use someone’s personal stuff against them.
  2. Don’t treat your husband/wife like a jerk in front of your friends.  Everyone will just assume that if you treat someone you love like that, you’re going to be a jerk to everyone else.
  3. Don’t hit on someone’s husband or wife.  If it happens, apologize deeply.
  4. Don’t pretend like your kid(s) are the answer to everyone’s prayers.  Usually we love them, but we don’t care about everything your kid does.
  5. If you don’t have a reason to not like someone, let the petty stuff go.  There’s no need for enemies.
  6. If anyone needs help, do what you can to help him/her.  It will come back to you.
That’s all for now, but I think it’s sound advice.  Don’t come crying to me if you ignore it and don’t have any friends.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just a few things.

April 1st is Otis's birthday.  This year he turned 2!  Here are some pictures taken with our new camera that day: