Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who is no longer unemployed?


That's right, my 3 day stint of being unemployed is over. Got the call from the school today saying that I officially have been offered the position.  I'm so stinking excited!
I'm glad I got those 3 days off though.  The stress from working at the daycare has melted off of me, and I am no longer a ball of tension and irritation.  My house is super clean.  All is well in my own little world.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Move forward.

Something that drives me crazy:
People who constantly post updates on FB complaining about stuff.
People who constantly post updates on FB with stupid stuff their kids do. (Some is OK, but most of what people post isn't worthy of a laugh.)
People who constantly bring up stuff that has happened YEARS ago to try to reconnect with people.

I just have to roll my eyes sometimes.

Add to the cleaning list:
*Use Magic Eraser on all doors
*Vacuum all furniture and floors
*mop all floors

Heck yeah, I'm pretty awesome. 

Ben and I are trying to watch the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars. 
Here are the nominees:
Black Swan*
The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King's Speech
127 Hours
The Social Network
Toy Story 3*
True Grit*
Winter's Bone
*Depicts a movie that I have seen

Out of the movies I have seen, I don't think I could pick a Best Picture.  Each film displays a completely different story/emotion for me. 
With Black Swan, I loved the way that the visual effects drew me in right away and the use of color depicted the characters.  The dark twists and turns that it took kept me entranced in "another dance film".  It wasn't about the dance, it was about perfection and the ever creeping madness hiding right under some of us.
Inception effected me deeply after the film.  I couldn't stop talking about the ending and whether or not the top fell.  In my opinion (only because I like happy endings), the top fell.  I would like to watch it again to catch the subtle clues that I'm sure I missed the first time around. 
Toy Story 3.  After typing that, I shook my head.  That movie moved me, brought out the child in me, and reduced me to tears at the end.  Any animated film conveying that much emotion deserves to be nominated for Best Picture. 
True Grit was a western that actually intrigued me.  I think that in most cases, men get better with age.  Jeff Bridges is one of the few men in Hollywood actually worth watching in every movie he is in.  I can't think of a single move that he has been in that hasn't kept me entertained throughout.  The story moved at a decent pace, my only issue was that the trailer gave away a lot of the plot, so I knew what was going to happen.  The ending tugged at my heart, not because it was sad, but because it was the end.

So there are some of my reviews.  Hopefully I'll get to see some more before Oscar night!

Monday, January 24, 2011

On Thursday evening,

...I quit my job. 

Since then, I have:
*Reorganized and deep cleaned my kitchen
*Moved my crafts to the guest room
*Alphabetized Ben's movies
*Cleaned all wooden furniture
*Cleaned all windows and glass in house
*Deep cleaned bedroom (including closet corners AND under my bed)
*Organized the utility room
*Cleaned the guest room
*Did all laundry in house
*Deep cleaned bathroom
*Dusted all art on walls

I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can remember off the top of my head.  I also finished Aimee's present.  It's my first endeavor into mixed media on canvas, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

I painted the background and tree with acrylic paint, and the bird, leaves, and flowers are scrapbook paper. 

I also painted letters and hung them above our key holder in our entryway.  Looks cool, and gave me something to do while I was home sick last week:
Giraffe print, of course.

Another interview tomorrow, and then continue to play the waiting game.  It's super fun.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things that I covet.


All the plugs and jewelry are from and the book is from Amazon. Just some stuff I've been wanting lately...

Had a pretty fun weekend!  Friday I spent all day cleaning (because I obviously wasn't at work) and continued to work on the super secret project for my friend Aimee.  Ben got home early and we hung out for just a little bit before I went to bed.  

Hung out with the girlies last night at our faux slumber party.  What a freaking blastie.

Spent today with Ben and the Searcys just having a grand old time being awesome.  

My next craft idea:

Mine will be WAY cooler though. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I did it.

I quit my job.

Today was just the final straw.  I haven't wanted to work there for some time now, and my frustration level hit the roof and I came home crying.  Ben told me that I didn't have to go back.  (I swear, that man is just so wonderful sometimes!)  I hate coming home upset and angry.  I hate dreading going to work.  I hate getting up at 5:30am every morning, I hate being so exhausted all the time.  There's not a lot of positive going on here.  I don't want to go in and be resentful because I'm not happy with where I'm at.  That's not a good mind set to have.  So
I decided to quit, with Ben's support. 

With all of my nervous energy, I deep cleaned the kitchen, did all the laundry, and matched up all the loose socks in the house.  Tomorrow, I hope to tackle the bathroom.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There has been a lot of negativity floating around in the air lately, and I think it's time to put a stop to all of it.  I'm letting go of my anger and resentment and moving forward.  I won't forget about past wrongs, but it isn't healthy for me to hang on to things like this.  It's hurtful, but I've learned from situations that have arisen.

This world is a beautiful place.  Time to start remembering that.

I've decided to put all my excess energy (what energy??!) into some new crafts.  My first one is a new painting involving a different medium.  I'm going to use scrapbook paper for parts of it and use Modge Podge to add some texture.  I'm hesitant to start because I really want it to work out.  I've also got a painting idea in my head for Grandpa Ward, but I haven't started that yet either.  I guess I need to get them out of my head and onto some canvas, right?

Saw True Grit with Ben.  It made me cry at the end.  I can't really explain very well WHY it made me cry, because the ending wasn't sad.  I just will feel so strongly for a movie that I won't be able to let it go for awhile.  Same thing happened with Inception.  I couldn't shake my sadness at that movie.  Schindler's List....felt sad for DAYS.  I just have a hard time with movies like that, but True Grit was different.  Everything was wrapped up, but something just stuck with me.

Anyway, life is beautiful.

Monday, January 17, 2011


This week, 2 of my friends really stepped up after I have been having somewhat of a long week. 
I want to say that I can't thank them enough for being awesome. 
Mary called me and got me Heavenly perfume from VS because she knows I don't live near one.  She thought of me when I'm 11 hours away and got me a gift.  It wasn't the gift that I was so happy about, it was the fact that my best friend thought of me.
Elsa and I took a day to ourselves yesterday.  Sushi and shopping in Lubbock.  It was really nice to just go out and have a day. 

Thanks to my friends!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Home sick today

Went to work this morning and was sent straight home after having a coughing fit in front of my boss.  Got in to see a doctor first thing, and it's just a really bad cold.  I was told to rest today, and then I could work tomorrow. 

Things to do while I'm resting:
1. Laundry
2. Paint
3. Read
4. Watch movies

Yeah, I think that I can manage those things on a freezing cold Monday.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Found that on and it made me smile.

Chiefs play today against the Ravens in the playoffs.  They'd better win, otherwise I'm going to have a very unhappy husband at home.  I have a couple friends at the game today, and I feel jealous/bad for them.  Jealous because they're at a playoff game, but bad for them because with the windchill it's supposed to be 14 degrees out today.  EEK.

A full week of work ahead of me.  Haven't had that in 3 weeks.  I'm sure I'm going to be exhausted by the end of it.  UGH.


It was a pretty quick and quiet weekend.  Not really looking forward to the work week, but I will put a smile on my face and kill people with kindness if I have to.

Still coughing up a storm and I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose a lung in a minute here.  At least my abs are getting a good workout...but dang, it's wreaking havoc on my ears, throat, and chest.  I'd like to call in sick tomorrow, but I know that's not really a possibility. 

Until next time!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lesson learned.

Relaxing at home tonight with Ben.  He's watching the playoff games and I am taking a break from painting nursery letters for a new customer.  Jungle themed.

I've been coughing and sneezing up a storm and I'm looking forward to my allergies/cold going away so I can not feel like my head is going to explode with snot.  I also ran into a wall after sneezing earlier, so I need that to stop too. 

I know I was just on vacation, but I am ready to go back...or take a week to just sleep.  Being back in this town is exhausting...especially when people are bored and don't have a whole lot to do except for talk.  I'm ready to be back with my friends and just relax.  I'm ready to spend the days with my mom again. 
Basically, I'm just ready to not be here again for awhile.

Buuuuut, since I'm stuck here, I just have to keep my head up and count my blessings.

1. I have a support system (even if they are 12 hours away)
2. I have a husband that loves me and defends me.
3. I have a hobby that makes me money as well as keeps me happy and busy.
4. I have a college degree (even if it isn't being used at the moment)
5. I have a positive outlook on life.

Time to get my craft area revamped so it's more usable.

Friday, January 7, 2011


What a day.

Work was easy, but the tasks that I was dealing with were not.
I learned a lot today.  Some of which, I already knew, some were brand new. 
It's ok though, life goes on.

I grab the bull by the horns.  That's just how I roll.

I had a fantastic time with Elsa on our dinner date, even being congested.  Came back home and I needed to rest.  The coughing is really taking it out on me. 

I can barely keep my eyes open, so I'm going to skip my happy little self off to bed. 

All is well in my home.
I have:
1. A husband who loves me.
2. A home furnished with original art (both mine and others)
3. 3 pets who are just absolutely lovable and wonderful.
4. A mom who supports me in everything I do.
5. A family system that supports me in everything I do.
6. Friends who are here for me, even if most of them live 12 hours away.

Life is good, and I love reminding myself of it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in New Mexico


I really wish I was back in the school district.  Thank you, Tricare office on base, for not getting the paperwork turned in and causing me to miss the hiring dates.  I dislike you very much.

I'm home from work early.  No kids really in my room at the daycare.  Can't say I'm too disappointed.  Lots of stuff going on there that I don't really want to be a part of.  I will carry on because that's what I do and things are bound to work out.  (I'm a glass half full kinda person).

In other news, I recently read an article about the classic book Huckleberry Finn being rereleased without the word "nigger" or "injun" in it.  I completely understand that people shouldn't use these words anymore as they are offensive to the two groups, but in the time that the book was written, these words were common.  I don't think that Twain was using these words to degrade anyone, but merely that they were words that were in almost everyone's daily vocabulary.  It is a slippery slope that we are getting ourselves on, changing a classic novel (and after the author is dead!).  What's going to be changed next?  Should we go back through all literature and change words that we find offensive now? 
I would hate to be called something that offends me, but it happens and will happen again.  I just have to put on my big girl panties and come to grips with the fact that not everyone in the world is going to do or say things to my liking.  That's the problem with political correctness.  The tough-skinned individuals who brush off words are becoming few and far between and the whiners and tantrum throwers who are hurt by a word not directed at them are becoming the majority.  What are we teaching our kids?  Isn't there a saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" ?  Yes, words do hurt sometimes, but sometimes you just have to realize that people are going to be jerks and move on.  Make a mental note of that kind of person, and ignore their ignorance. 
Censorship is awful.
Ever heard of Fahrenheit 451, people?  If you haven't, look it up.  I don't want the future to be filled with mindless drones in a black and white world.