Sunday, June 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Had a super fun birthday weekend.  Went to Kona Grill.  I was late for the reservation, but luckily almost everyone who came lives nearby and they were able to get there on time.  Holy crow, the parking at the Plaza on a Friday night is crazy.  I went into 2 parking garages, and both were full.  Finally, I just decided to do valet. $7 well spent.  
Dinner was fantastic. Had a rainbow roll, my favorite sushi roll.  Had a mojito which helped calm my nerves after driving around the Plaza.

After dinner, most everyone came back to my house for drinks and game night.  We all got to skype with Ben, which was awesome.  A couple more people showed up later, and we all played Cards Against Humanity.  I absolutely love that game.  Delilah was well behaved and slept through everyone being there.  So awesome.  I felt great, I was wearing a cute new dress, and I had a great time.  

Saturday night, a friend came over and we watched a couple movies and stayed up talking.  

All in all, I was thankful for a weekend full of friends and fun.  I need that every once in awhile.  

So on Sunday, I sit happy, exhausted, and peaceful.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My last day as a 27 year old

I still feel like I just got out of college.  It's weird to think that was 5 years much has changed.

Mom and I are getting our nails done tonight.  That's my bday present from her!  I haven't had my nails done professionally since Delilah was a newborn!  Haven't had the time for it.  I guess my brother is coming by this evening to get some of his stuff.  He's not living here anymore, which is fine with me.  Hopefully being out of the house will help him get his life straightened out.  I really hope so.  

Going out to dinner (sushi) with friends on Friday night.  It'll be fun.  This will be my first birthday spent without Ben since we started dating.  So weird to think about.  I'm waiting impatiently for our passports to come back so we can go and visit him!  He said as soon as I have passports in hand, he'll book the tickets.  I can't wait!  It's going to be hard traveling with an 18 month old, but totally worth it.  
I miss him so much!

Saw my uncle at the store the other day with his new wife.  She's pregnant!  She looks great and they seem to be very happy, so I'm happy for them.  I can only imagine some of the stuff that went on, and it makes sense that things move forward now.  I saw my young cousin too, was nice to her, but unfortunately, she stared blankly at me and wasn't too friendly.  I can't blame her, I'm sure she's been fed the same lies I've laughed about.  Too bad though.

Sold 2 paintings from my etsy shop the other day and shipped them yesterday.  I love doing stuff like that.  It's really cool to think that something I made is hanging in someone else's home.  Such a cool idea!

I'm trying to get to Worlds of Fun sometime soon.  It's been ages since I've been, and I truly love roller coasters!

Til next time!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busy busy busy

Been quite busy lately.  Lots of stuff going on.  Here's a rundown:

*My great-uncle got very sick suddenly and was in the hospital unable to talk.  Mom had this urgency to go see him, so we drove up that night.  We talked to him, and he knew who we were and understood what we were saying.  I told him that I loved him and to get back home so we could come visit again.  Within the week, he passed away.  As sad as I am, I'm so thankful that I got to see him one last time.  I'm glad he met Delilah, and I'm glad I got to tell him I loved him.  They're still trying to find out what caused him to pass. 
*I've been going to trivia night with a group of friends once a week.  I'd love to put where, because it's really a fun place, but I have some actual crazy people that read my blog, and I honestly don't want them to know where I go.  
*I've got 2 friends getting married within a year (October and March).  Ben and I are in both weddings!  Delilah is the flower girl in one of them.  I'm so excited and happy for all of them, and I can't wait to celebrate.  
*Working on getting our's such a darn process.  It's all coming together though.
*I got baptized and joined the church that I've been attending!  It was an awesome experience and I'm so glad that I did it.  I've really been growing and learning a lot in the church and I feel really at home there.  
*Delilah is saying more and more words every single day.  She can say more words than what's typical for her age, and can sign most of them as well as some that she can't say.  She communicates so well, and I'm just so proud of how smart she is.
*My computer died on me.  I was going to just wait around, use my phone, not worry about it...but Ben had me go out and get myself a new one today.  A brand new one.  A Mac.  He really takes care of me.  Delilah and I are so lucky to have him.  
*I ran a 5K!  I did it!  I am so incredibly proud of myself.  Ran the entire time and had a blast doing it.  It was the color run on the 1st of this month.  What a freaking fantastic time.  I'm looking to do some more!
*I'm getting a Bountiful Baskets started for Harrisonville. If you don't know what it is, you should.

Picture updates:

painted this for a Disney redditgifts exchange

Pre-race. We were ready.

The three team runners!

Victory beers!

Part of my anniversary present.  The other part was a Keurig!

For my sister-in-law's birthday.

Sidewalk chalk paint. Easy to make.

She's such a cuddler!

Started a series of paintings pink+gray for Delilah's future room

Day at the park!

This dog loves her.

These two...they are just so adorable. He loves her so much, and she loves him!

Part of the wall of paintings for D's future room in Germany.

She got into my BRAND NEW lipstick.  When I caught her with it, she smiled and then signed "pretty" to me.  She was right, so I couldn't be mad!

Outside on her play set

Facetime with Daddy!

Completely unintentional-my footprint and she happened to step right next to it.

Trash bag couture.

Got baptized and joined my church!

Delilah and Mom were there to see me baptized!

Another beautiful day in my life.  I'm so blessed.

My beautiful, wonderful, smart, awesome daughter.