Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well, I was out on a walk with the dogs when Otis decided to act like a lunatic and go after another dog.  While struggling with him, I got scratches on my feet and my phone was flung out of my pocket resulting in the glass breaking.  It still works, so I'm super thankful, but I am still really upset.
I'm not even going to post a picture of it because it's so upsetting.  Ugh, I hate looking at it now.
Luckily, Ben is great and is looking for a way to fix the glass online.  He's good at finding solutions to problems like this.  He fixed my computer earlier this week when a virus ravaged it.  Blah.  So frustrating with electronics lately.

I found out yesterday that Malcom McDowell (from one of my favorite movies A Clockwork Orange) is going to be at Frightmare Weekend. I'm so freaking excited to meet him and am going to have him sign my special edition copy of that movie.  Huzzah!

That's all for now, I'm off to do something more productive.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I think I want to try using oil paint

I have this octopus sketch all drawn up, but I haven't put it on canvas yet.  I keep picturing the finished work in my head, and I picture it done in oil paint.  I think I'm going to break down and just go and buy some.  Maybe a starter kit or something....

Still waiting on orders out of this place.  Honestly, I wouldn't change that we went here, but I'm ready to go.  The people are getting worse and worse as time goes on, and my patience for dealing with them is waning.

Here is why I wouldn't change coming to Clovis:
1. We got Otis here
2. We got Margot here
3. I had my first real teaching job
4. I met some really amazing friends (unfortunately, most of them are gone...)

Now, having said that, I'm thankful, but ready to go!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why today was great:

1. Woke up thinking it was Sunday, realized it was Saturday.
2. Craved a greasy hamburger and fries (and got it at place we hadn't been to before-Bill's Jumbo Burger)
3. Got showered/dressed and went to town with Ben and got lunch.
4. Went to BBW and got a free lotion and a free tote along with purchasing a new lotion-Apricot Vanilla.  Love it.  Also voted for a new fragrance!
5. Went to Hastings-didn't get anything.
6. Found a grocery store that actually has good produce (Walmart and the Commissary are AWFUL)
7. Went to Walmart and stocked up on everything we needed, found Pomegranate Shampoo for $3 (on sale), got some new makeup.  Got some guac (and I'm thinking about digging into that right now!)
8. Came home, cleaned up a bit, and took the dogs out on a walk.  Rilo wasn't on her leash the entire time and stopped before going into any street.  Otis was off his leash for the last bit of the walk and stayed next to me!
9. Ben and I decided to stay in tonight and just hang out with one another.  He's playing his new video game and I'm just browsing the internet.  Totally relaxing. 
10. Found this: and am considering getting it for Otis.  The walks may go a bit better, especially if there is another dog in his eye sight. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

I had a fantastic weekend, and here's why:

*Went out to Shoguns with a group of people and then went bowling.

*Drove to Albuquerque
*Shopped all day and got some really cute new stuff
*Dressed up fancy for a date
*PF Changs-made a reservation so we didn't have to wait 45 minutes
*Hard Rock Casino
*Gambled $20 on roulette and turned it into $99!

*Lunch at the Owl Cafe
*Shopping at Whole Foods
*Home to the pets
*Slept for about 14 hours.

Best of all, I did all this with Ben!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I finished Mary's painting finally!  It's so much easier to get stuff done when Ben is working!

We had a going away party for Sissy last night.  Had dinner at El Rancho, and I was apparently talked about by a couple people.  How fun. 
Went to the bar after, and that was actually fun!

Things I'm excited about:
1. Spring break
2. Albuquerque
3. Tax returns
4. Shopping
5. Dallas

That is all.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I covet MAC makeup

Pink Lemonade 


Stars 'n rockets

electric eel




Shimmer moss