Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu this week:
Luau Chicken
White Chili
Honey Vanilla Chicken
Bacon Jack Chicken Sandwiches

We're trying some new stuff.

Working on a painting right now for my friend Mary.  She's down in the dumps because the world is pooing on her right now.
I wish I was closer so I could help her out more.

More things I covet:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's been awhile.

I have not:
1. felt like writing in here because I'm STILL dealing with people bad-mouthing me.
2. felt creative, so I haven't worked on any of my 4,000 projects lined up.

I have:
1. been missing my Missouri friends.  You don't realize how important people are in your life until you are surrounded by people that aren't.
2. been working my butt off at work and at home and making next to nothing for it.
3. been looking forward to our tax returns.
4. been looking forward to spring break/Dallas/trip home to Missouri for the summer.

I'm tired. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

My dream last night....

So I had a super weird dream last night.  In it, I was somehow dating Steven Tyler and he was some kind of General or leader in a war.  (What the war was about and against whom, I'm not sure)  Anyway, we lived in a tent, and I had all my belongings there.  He was away, and the other "army" decided to attack.  Not a normal army, mind you, think of Michael Jackson's Thriller, and that's how they came at me.  Yeah, just me...there wasn't actually an army fighting on my side.  Weirdly, they looked like zombie versions of Steven Tyler (probably because he's halfway looking like one in real life.) 
So the leader of the enemies has a daughter, and she goes in my tent/room and steals a bunch of my dresses.  Pssh.  Steven Tyler is nowhere to be found,  obviously he is hiding somewhere like a coward.  I go after the girl and her fancy room looking for my dresses.  She is obviously evil too, so she won't give me my stuff back.  I decide to start breaking her stuff, and then grab her hand and break that too. 

Then I got my stuff back.

Then I woke up.

And that was my dream.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Picture Nominees We've Seen:

Ranked in order of my preference:
1. Inception
2. Toy Story 3
3. Black Swan
4. The Social Network
5. True Grit
6. Winter's Bone
7. The Kids Are All Right

(still need to see: The King's Speech, 127 Hours, and The Fighter)

Since last time I posted the movies I had seen, I watched 3 more. 
The Social Network:
I thought this movie was very good, a bit jumpy in parts, but I know they meant it to be that way.  As far as Mark Zukerberg (sp?) goes, they paint him to be a villain...but I hardly think that's the case.  With the twins and their associate, I feel as though as Harvard men, they should have been more proactive than phone calls and emails.  Before the idea was decided upon, they should have drawn up some kind of contract or legally binding document to prevent their idea from being "stolen". 
It sucks that his friend got screwed a bit, but money changes people, and as a business major, reading contracts should have been Business 101.  He got the raw end of a deal, but also got a ton of money and had his part of the story told I suppose.

Winter's Bone:
This movie felt very real, as it should because most of the cast were actually people from the area it was shot in.  I thought it was a good movie, but lacked a certain amount of flair.  It was dead pan and linear from scene one.  I did feel for the characters (and the uncle was amazing), but it wasn't my favorite story.  I don't see this being a Best Picture nominee.

The Kids Are All Right:
This was another "marriage-in-trouble-insert-cheating-here" story done with lesbians instead of a straight couple.  I found myself not caring about the characters or becoming emotionally involved.  Annette Benning did a fantastic job, and definitely deserves a Best Actress nomination.  Julianne Moore can't do a movie anymore without showing some nipple, so I wasn't surprised when the nudity in the movie was her.  The cast did a good job, but the story lacked and it's been done before...the only thing different was that they were lesbians.  Definitely doesn't deserve to be put in the category of Best Picture.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Things I would like:

1. To be done paying student loans.
2. To visit my family in CT.
3. For people to stop acting bigger than they are.
4. To see all my friends and family a lot sooner than April/May or June.
5. A super romantic Valentine's Day.
6. To perform in some aspect in the future.

That's all I got right now. 

I'm working on my cookie sheet calendar still.  It's a lot of work.  Actually, a lot more work than I originally pictured, but that's ok.  I like projects. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day in New Mexico!

It is soooooo cold outside.  The fierce NM wind (thanks to the flat land and lack of real trees and mountains) is blowing like crazy causing the windchill to drop to crazy extremes like -24 at certain times.  Yesterday, it was actually painful to walk from my car to the front door of the school.  I couldn't see because the snow/dust was everywhere and I was cold all day, even in the building. 
Enough parents complained that the school district had school that they decided to cancel school early yesterday for today.  Imagine my surprise!  Clovis almost never cancels school!

Today, my plan is to do some cleaning (because a house is lived in, and all my cleaning from last week was bound to not last!), start Mary's painting, and work on my cookie sheet calendar.  I got the sheet covered and the days cut out last night.  I need to work on getting the days of the week, different holidays, photos of people for their birthdays, months, and quotes made.  It's a long project, one that will keep me busy.  It looks awesome so far though. 
I'm thinking about modge podging a piece of cardboard to match my bathroom and setting it on my over the toilet shelf so that my perfumes have something to sit on instead of wobbling around on the actual shelf.  Just another thing to personalize my house!

I got 2 gifts in the mail from friends back home:
From Mary-because I don't have a Victoria's Secret around sweet is she??!
An early Valentine from Aimee!
I really do have some of the most awesome friends EVER, don't I?  How can I not feel blessed?

What I'm coveting right now:
Octopus pendant
Perfect for a crafty crafter like me, right?

Music I've been listening to lately:
I like how his voice doesn't sound like everyone else.

Folky and addicting music from some really talented guys.