Monday, December 31, 2012

The obligatory New Year's resolutions post

I usually don't make any big deal about resolutions...but here are mine for the upcoming year.

1. Control my temper.  I know I can let things get to me.  Sometimes I will let it go for the sake of others, but I need to let things slide for myself as well.  

2. Be more assertive when it comes to make decisions.  I rely on Ben a lot to help me with decisions.  With him gone, I'm going to have to make some for myself with him gone next year.

3. Put down my phone/computer more.  Sometimes I get so distracted with the wonderful world of the internet (after Delilah is asleep), that I miss out on opportunities to actually get some crafting done.  

4. Continue to love with all my heart.  There's almost nothing more important.

5. Continue to build my relationship with God and keep praying.  I can't tell you the number of times prayer has saved my behind.

I think that's all for now.  I'm still working on not biting my nails (yes, it's a nasty habit...but I'm working on it!)

Happy New Year to all of you.  I truly hope that 2013 is a blessed year for you all, even those of you who have treated me poorly in 2012.  Life went on. So it goes.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


We had a fantastic Christmas here in New Mexico.  It was our first year not being in Missouri with family and friends.  Although that was a bit sad, I really enjoyed starting some new traditions with Ben and Delilah. 

Christmas Eve, we all got new pajamas.  Once Delilah went to bed, Ben and I watched Rare Exports (a Christmas movie) and then I put together Delilah's princess ATV (foot powered).  
Yay, stockings!

Christmas morning came and we had  a LOT of presents to open.  It was nice that even though we weren't there, people still sent us stuff.  
She was a little apprehensive of this.
Taking a break from opening presents to give Daddy a hug.

Delilah was super sweet and shared her new blocks with Otis.

We went over to a friends' house for a get together with some people who were still in town.  We ate, played games, and hung out.  Lots of fun, good group of people!

It was a very merry Christmas.

Other than that, I've just been trying to keep packing for the big move.  It's just a month away, believe it or not...I can't believe it.  I'm so ready!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well, Delilah's first birthday has come and gone.  It was such a huge success.  I'm going to estimate and say we had over 40 people show up to celebrate her special day.  The decorations turned out great, and my mom was a HUGE help in getting everything ready and set up.  I had a photographer there, and am waiting to see pics from the party.  I hardly had time to take any myself, I was so busy visiting with everyone!  Delilah relished the attention (when people gave her time to warm up), and was a great sport the whole time. She's such a happy sweet baby. 
A couple people showed up that I wasn't too pleased to see, but I knew they'd be there.  A couple people weren't able to come that I'd like to see, but that's ok.  One of my family members was invited out of courtesy, but I knew she wouldn't come.  I'm not surprised.  Didn't come to my birthday celebrations, didn't expect her to come to my beautiful baby's!  No worries, it's the last time I'll invite her to something.  Waste of my AWESOME invitations...and I'll post them now (with some of the private information blocked out)

Front side

Shout out to ART IS DUMB (on facebook) for making the invitations!

It was a super fun time, and I'm so glad we were in Missouri to celebrate! 

Spent that evening with friends playing the game of things and being silly.  We always crack up playing, and I miss that!  Landon and Chip played a new pool game with weird rules and ended up dressing up with a basket and the pool table cover.  hahaha it was great.

We went out for breakfast at the Big Biscuit in Independence the next day with Falco, Nessers, Dayly, Chip, Chelsea, and my brother.  Landon joined us later.  We drove around and went shopping, got coffee, and ended the night with dinner at Chipotle!  YUM.

Delilah did amazing on the plane rides.  She didn't cry, didn't fuss, she was a great little passenger.  I was actually pretty thankful that I still nurse her, because I did so on takeoff and I think that helped her ears not to pop.  

I am super excited to move back to KC for awhile.  It feels more real now, and I've started to pack up the house!  I'm ready to put this place in my rear view mirror!

As soon as I get pictures from the photographer, I'll post them!