Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Yeah, I went to Walmart again today)

2 days in a row, I've gone to Walmart.  Yesterday, I went to get groceries and what not, picked up some doggie aspirin for Otis and his poor hurt tail (which is doing MUCH better, thank you for asking!) and some Brewer's Yeast vitamins for their skin and coat.
Today, I went because I had some awesome coupons for some hair stuff and soap that I had been wanting.  Can't beat a good coupon.  While I was there, I found my favorite hairspray on sale for $11.97!


That was the good.

Turns out though, it was restocking the shelves day there and the dumbass employees that they hire were EVERYWHERE.

That was the bad.

Well, while restocking during one of the busiest times of the day to shop, one idiot (manager!) came and got right in front of me while I was bent over looking at a shelf and put her butt directly in my face.  She then proceeded to stand exactly where I was looking for about 3 minutes while talking to another employee...completely ignoring me the entire time.

That was the ugly.

Came home, watched True Blood while I made stir fry (Ben didn't like it, I could tell), and now I'm about ready to sketch out an owl drawing for a painting I'm going to put up for sale.

Newest painting, hoping to sell for $20

Monday, August 30, 2010

Finished Wine Painting

Requested by Colsie:

And now, a look through the timeline of my gauges:

 Size 14

(Size 10 and 8 pictures missing)

Size 6

Size 4

Size 2

And finally where I stop at size 0

The Many Hats I Wear As a Teacher

I'm not just a teacher when I go to work everyday.  I'm something more to each individual student.

Today in the 3 year old room got me thinking about this.

I'm a:
Substitute mommy when you need a hug/praise/or have a boo boo.
Disciplinarian-for when you don't always make the right mistakes.
Your #1 fan-for all the fabulous artwork, singing, dancing, etc...that you do.
Cook-for the lunches and breakfasts that you eat.
Your conscience-for those situations that you question what to do.
The bathroom guarder-for when you want to poop in peace.
A hand washing enforcer-for when you sneeze/cough/or wipe your butt.
Doctor-for when you just don't feel good.
Actress-for doing all the voices in your favorite stories.
Friend-for when you need someone to talk to that isn't your mom or dad.
Your brace-for when you need a little extra help climbing or walking.
Swing pusher-for when your feet don't quite reach the ground.
Kid catcher-for when you're kinda nervous about going down the slide by yourself.
Bear hugger-for when you just need some love or your afraid.
Educator-for when you are ready and willing to learn and grow and become something incredible one day.

Working with these kids, some of which have disabilities, has been really rewarding.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why I am for the legalization of marijuana:

First of all, I'm not a pot head.  I'm not writing this for my own personal gain, nor am I because I want to smoke it all the time. 

I'm writing this because because I have strong opinions that are based in fact and not just hearsay. 

1. Making pot illegal didn't make people NOT smoke it.  People just have to do it secretly.  There's not an age group, race, gender, or religion that uses it more, it's done by people from every walk of life for many different reasons.
2. Millions of dollars are spent yearly (our taxpayer money that could be going to help fund schools among other things) on marijuana arrests/prevention.  People are arrested and sometimes sent to jail for possessing over a certain amount because the idea is that they have the intent to sell it.  It is such a waste to have someone filling up a spot in prison (using our money to pay for the cable, electricity, food, water, etc...) when there are actual criminals and addicts of dangerous drugs out on the street). 
3. If the government was able to regulate sales of marijuana, the tax alone on it would stimulate our economy greatly.  More could be funded with the taxes from the sales as well as give jobs to people growing the pot and people to run and manage the specialty stores where people could purchase different pot items.  Our economy would be boosted almost immediately and people would have more opportunities to make money and get back on their feet.  The legalization and sale of marijuana through the government would also take money away from foreign gangs who sell it illegally here, reducing crime and preventing unnecessary deaths.
4. Marijuana is not as addictive as alcohol or tobacco (if you are in the minority of those who even think it IS addictive), nor is it as harmful to your body.  It is nearly impossible to overdose on pot, and it is non toxic to humans.
5. Marijuana is beneficial to people suffering from many different illnesses.  While hospitals are pumping cancer patients full of harsh chemicals and drugs via chemotherapy, pot can actually increase the appetite (usually decreased by the chemo due to nausea) as well as reduce the discomfort.  People with bipolar disorder have been studied and behavior has been greatly controlled using marijuana.  Pot is also an alternative for those who choose to relax, rather than having an alcoholic beverage.  When my grandparents were sick with cancer, they may have been more open to the benefits of marijuana had the stigma of it being illegal had not been so pushed onto them.  They may have had a more comfortable experience with chemo or the effects of cancer had they been able to legally acquire pot.

I would love to see some data refuting these points that I have made.  Not just opinions, but facts.  I don't really care if you're for or against it, but if you have any qualms about things that I have said, please respond with scientific facts rather than just telling me what you think. 

Amarillo Yesterday

Got my new gauges!  I forgot to take a picture with the vamp ones yesterday, but here's my tiger striped ones:
Super cute, right?

Ben and I went to Amarillo yesterday with the express purpose of picking up my laptop from Best Buy.

While we were there, we:

1. Got drinks from Starbucks.
2. Went to World Market and got some gnochi, chips, salsa, and a big wok skillet.
3. Went to Old Navy where I found 2 new pairs of skinny jeans that make my legs look great and are actually tight around my ankles. (HUZZAH!) They were on sale for $25 and then the lady in the fitting rooms gave me a coupon for 25% off!Jeans that were normally $30 a piece ended up costing me $40 total for both!
2. Went to PetSmart, got some stuff for Margot. I swear, Ben spoils that cat to death.
3. Went to the mall and got some free undies from Victoria's Secret. I love those damn coupons they send out in the mail.
4. Walked around the mall seeing if there was anything else I wanted. Ended up going into Payless and buying a super cute new purse.
5. Went into Wet Seal, but came out empty handed.(It's hard to shop with a boy)
6. Got dinner at Chick-fil-a (YUM!  Wish there was one closer to where I live!)
7. Picked up my laptop from Best Buy. At first, the guy working couldn't find it. I almost had to become enraged because they've called me like once a day for the past 5 days (ummm, hello, I live 2 hours away, it's not like I live across the street!) and then if they couldn't find it....well, it would have been REALLY bad for them.

When we got back, we let the pups out, petted all the animals, and then headed over to Lynell's house cause her sister and brother-in-law are in town. For the most part, I guess it was OK, but MAN....sometimes the conversations people have are so damn boring.  I find myself zoning out because a lot of these people have NOTHING of value to say.

Today, Ben and I are having a lazy day. (That's our Sunday ritual)
We're going to start watching Dexter, but he's been on the phone all morning, so I'm just waiting patiently.

Now for some more wishlist stuff:
 $11.99 Overstock.com

Friday, August 27, 2010


This weekend is much needed.  Working with 3 year olds is really....tiring.

A few people here in town are going to the high school football game tonight.  What I don't understand is that all of these people DON'T like the town we're in AND we're military.  WHY would you want to go surround yourself with the unwashed and rude crowd that will be at the game?  I can understand going to one in your own home town, but HERE??!!  
The only positive is that everyone will be there instead of at the movies where Ben and I will be.  *knock on wood*


Going to Amarillo tomorrow to pick up my laptop from Best Buy.  Those asshats better have gotten everything taken care of this time or I'm going to flip my lid.  
Is it honestly THAT hard to do your job?  From the looks of some of the people working there, I guess I just answered my own question.  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New sketch

My friend Colsie wants a colorful wine painting done for her kitchen.  Here's the sketch I did tonight, done with oil crayons.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 3 of COD in my living room...

...and I'm officially bored of it.

I'd much rather sit back and watch a movie with Ben instead of listening to gunshots and stuff blowing up.  He's enjoying himself though, so I won't say anything...yet.

According to the USPS, my gauges COULD be here as early as Thursday!  Thank you, Hot Topic, for your super fast processing!
I want this dress...like the only designer thing I've ever seen and thought, "Holy shit, I NEED that."
Too bad it's $25000.
Any crafty people out there want to try and make this for me?  I'd totally pay for it!

Subbing again tomorrow and Friday.  I'm actually enjoying it.  The day is broken up into 2 classes, and usually there's about 6 kids (although there could be as many as 10).  It's a class of developmentally delayed 3 year olds.  Lots of linguistic problems, and I suspect MR in one of the kiddos.  Fun though.  We color, play, run around outside, and I even taught a couple how to pedal on a trike on Tuesday!  

I'm not sure what's going on this weekend, other than going to Amarillo (again) and picking up my laptop.  If Best Buy didn't fix it this time, I'm going to have a conniption fit.

I finally finished all the pet paperwork for Japan today, so I'll be making a trip on base tomorrow to get that all faxed over.  All that's left after that is to make sure they can get booked on whatever flight we get offered and get their 10 day health certificate.  It's a lot of stress and a lot of headache making sure my babies were going to be coming with us, but it's completely worth it!

I'm off to bed, super tired today.  Probably because I:

1. Cleaned the kitchen
2. Dusted
3. Swept
4. Vacuumed
5. Mopped
6. Took pets to vet
7. Took dogs on 2 walks (one was a 2 mile one)
8. Made dinner (okokok, it was just biscuits and gravy, but I still did it!)
9. Did pet paperwork
10. Painted a picture (that I already sold!)

Sold for $20 to a girl out here in New Mexico for her daughter's room

I think that's all. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day off tomorrow

Well, I guess I shouldn't call it my day off.  Sure, I'm not going into the school, but I'm going to clean the house and take the dogs to get their shots.  Then I will mail or fax off the import paperwork to Japan.

After all that, I'm going to try to get some painting done.  Maybe grab some letters at Hobby Lobby while I'm out, depending on how the day is going.  I'm doing a painting for Colsie and one for Carly, and then "Craft Room" for Rachel.  $20 for Carly's, $45 for Rachel's, and I'm not sure how much for Colsie's yet.

I can't remember if I posted my new gauge size, so I will now!
OMG!  super cute hearts!

Yeah, I totally dig them.  I'm not going up in size anymore (unless I become an even bigger rebel than I already am, haha), and I'll just buy different gauges to fit that size.  It's like buying different earrings, mine are just a little bit bigger.  

I had some guy come and look at the car yesterday, so hopefully, that'll work out.  Had someone email me about it today too, so I sent off some pictures.  Gotta love Craigslist.

Some gauges I want:
$22 from Hot Topic
$18 from Hot Topic

$18 from Hot Topic

Let's play the "what are you..." right now game:

What are you listening to right now?  The Mountain Goats (and cod thanks to my hubby)
What are you doing? Besides editing this blog post, I'm talking to my friend Chris on Gchat and looking at articles on Cracked.
What are you wearing? Ben's AF sweatshirt and track pants.
What are you going to do after this? Probably watch some tv and go to bed.
What are you seeing? My debit card in front of me, wallet, Pepsi Max, and the computer.

Oh, and PS, I just bought those tiger and vampire gauges.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm going to try to be done wallowing in self pity for a bit.

After being super homesick Saturday and yesterday (I cried like 4 times yesterday), I've decided to do a "make Danielle happy" post.

First things first.  I got a new lotion from Bath and Body Works (with a coupon, of course!)
OMG, smells SO good!  Kind of reminds me of an orange dreamsicle!

Secondly, I went to the vet today to fill out some more of the pets' paperwork to send in to Japan and I discovered that to get their kennel cough shots, I would not have to pay an office exam fee, and that that shots were just $7.50!  The woman who helped me fill out the rest today was super nice and I know it was a pain, but she was really helpful.  I'm really thankful for that.  I think it's because I'm so nice every time I go in and I also care a lot about my animals.  (I've also sent like 7 new patients their way)

Thirdly, I am officially all booked up subbing for the rest of the time we're here, minus Wednesdays.  I may have that day off, or I may get called in to sub at another school on those days, who knows.  But seriously, having a job lined up until we leave took about THIS MUCH pressure off of me.  

Fourthly, although I'm still stressing about Japan,  things seem to be falling into place.

Fifthly, I have had 2 hits of interest in my Pontiac that I have for sale. *and one guy actually came out tonight to look at it!*

Sixthly, I have a new True Blood to watch.

Seventhly, my aunt and cousin are at my parents' house.  Yes, she finally had enough, and even if it's just for a couple days, I'm glad she gets a break from the douche.  Hopefully, she stays strong.  No one deserves the treatment he is giving her and I'm glad my mom is there to be her backbone.

Eighthly, I got to talk to Mary last night and she made me feel oodles better about being homesick.  I was crying to her and I hate doing that, but she listened and helped me just calm down.

Feeling a lot better today, but I still miss home.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's Why I'm Mad At Clovis Right Now

My friends just left from their week long visit here in the desolate area of New Mexico that we live in.  Ever since they walked out the door, I have been feeling really nostalgic about home and my friends back there.  The REAL people that I have known for most of my teenage/adult life.  The people that I choose to hang around with regardless of where I am.  The people I text daily/weekly/whenever.  (When I'm home, I don't text a single person back here in Clovis.)
After my friends visit or we go back home to Missouri, I really see just how most of these people I hang out with out here are out of convenience.  I'm sure that's a military thing and everyone gets used to it and what not, but it's really apparent right now.  I can share pretty much anything with my friends, and out here, if you do that...well, it gets turned around on you or rumors start.

I'm not trying to be a downer, and most of the time I try to stay positive and think about the good parts of the friendships I've made out here...but in all actuality, I wouldn't choose to hang out with a lot of the people out here outside of a military setting.
There, I said it.

I wish there was a way I could go back home like 2 weeks before Ben does before we have to leave for Japan.

My cousin-in-law paid for this for her friend's new baby.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

No more company

After a week and a half, our house is back to being just me and Ben. (Until people come over tonight, I suppose)

Had people over, but they were all kind of boring.  Ended up just drinking with Ben, Chip, and Eli at the end of the night.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy with friends.

Yeah...we've had visitors for the last week and a half and I'm absolutely loving.

First, we had Landon and Dayly.

Yeah, they're pretty awesome.

They left Saturday and Chip and Eli showed up!

And then we had awesome trampoline fun at Coop's last night.




I didn't get on because I had on a skirt and halter top. 

We went to the fair, partied at the Torres's house, went shopping, and tonight we're going to see The Expendables.
(I hope it's good.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Found this blog: A Glass Half Full, and she had this cute list on her's about things that make her happy.  I decided to make one of my own.

1. How happy Rilo is when I walk through the door.  Seriously, it's like she hadn't seen me in weeks, even if I'm just gone for an hour.  That is love.

2. The smell of Christmastime.  I can tell when it's getting close to my favorite time of the year.  Yes, it's freezing cold, but the air has a smell to it that will always remind me of my childhood.

3. Painting.  I know I'm not a professional, but I really like doing it.  It relaxes me, and I like being creative.

4. Making my husband laugh.  He chuckles sometimes, but when I can really get him going, it warms my heart and crinkles my eyes.

5. Coming home for vacation.  Yeah, Ben and I don't take "normal" vacations, our's are spent seeing family and friends and it is WONDERFUL.

6. The pictures I have of everyone.  I covered my dorm room in them, and now they're all over my house.  Only difference is that now they're in frames.

7. Having a cup of coffee and not having to do anything else while sipping it in the morning.  Sure, it tastes good when I'm rushing about in the morning trying to get ready, but it is even better when I can just sit and enjoy it.

8. Finding a REALLY good book to read.

9. Traveling with my husband.  Luckily, we're in the military and have the privilege of visiting lots of new places.

10. Candles/Scented house things.  I love smelly good stuff.

My little family.