Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Military Family Event I didn't want to punch parents at...

So, usually when the military puts on events for families and kids, it turns into kind of a shit show.  There's a certain...air...about military families in which they don't always discipline/control/help their kids learn how to behave at events.  I'm not talking about kids being kids and being excited...but kids hitting/disrupting/destroying things/etc...and the parents doing nothing.  If it isn't that, the parents are trying to rush into the event to make sure their kid gets the most of whatever is going on (hello, dumb Easter egg hunts) and runs/pushes kids over.  

So usually I say, "HARD PASS"

This time, Delilah heard an advertisement on the radio for a USO sponsored kindervolksmarch.  Lots of vendors, a 2 mile hike with the vendors along the way, and a lunch/prizes at the end.  She convinced me that this was definitely something that we needed to do, so while Ben did his long run (training for his 60K this summer), we went and did that.  It was surprisingly fun.  The weather was a bit chilly, so there weren't a TON of people out and everyone was pretty well behaved and polite.  It was nice and refreshing.  

Really appreciate the USO for putting that together for all of us!

Friday, April 21, 2017


Appointment for the babies went wonderfully.  I have the best sonographer, and I'm so thankful for that. 

All of my worries for their health were melted away when I got to see their healthy bodies..and we found out the genders!

One little girl!

One little boy!

Life is grand, and I'm just so thankful for it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I am both excited AND nervous about tomorrow.  

Tomorrow, I have my 20 week (really 19 week) appt for the twins' ultrasound.  I'm excited because we have a chance to learn the genders, but I'm nervous too because twins!  I've just been praying every night, and I'm thankful that the appointment is tomorrow and I don't have another few days to wait to see them again.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Weekend

On Tuesday, Delilah and I drove out to another village to pick up a stroller (for free!), and stopped at a Netto grocery store on the way home.  I wanted to grab some chocolate bars to send in a box to friends and I needed trash bags.  

Next day, Delilah was feeling a little under the weather, so we stayed home from school and I had her rest on the couch.  

Next day, she was feeling fine, so we ran some errands.  Ended up at the gas station and...I didn't have my debit card!  I had to call Ben to meet me so I could pay and leave.  Checked the bank statement, nothing since the couple days before at Netto.  Searched my car, purse, wallet, at home in pockets, laundry...I was so annoyed.  

Friday was a German holiday, so I didn't get to drive to Netto to see if I left it there, so I had to wait until today.  Delilah had some digestive issues last night/this morning, but no fever.  Made the drive toward Netto, and right before we got there, she woke up from her car nap and promptly threw up (mostly water) on the floor.  Luckily, I have a Honda Element, so there's no carpeting and it's easily cleaned.  Got to the store, she said she felt "way better".  Walked in and they had my card!  The cashier had forgotten to give it to me!

Drove straight back home and put her in jammies and made a "comfy spot" on the couch with some toast, water, and Swan Princess.  She rested all day in hopes of feeling better for Easter festivities tomorrow.  

I have high hopes she'll feel better.

I scrapped making Easter sugar cookies (because it's no fun to make and decorate without my little helper), but I did get the Reese's PB cheesecake done.  I'm making monkey bread in the morning while Delilah dyes eggs...then off to festivities if she feels better.  If not, no biggie.

Hope everyone is having an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Taking it easy

I was reminded to take it easy on Sunday.  

While at a wonderful picnic/friend gathering at the zip line field by my house, I needed to leave and get to the ER.  4 hours and many tests later, I was told that I have placenta previa.  It's not life threatening and it's not painful, but it does limit some things I can do AND could mean a possible c-section for delivery (if the placenta doesn't shift back up).  I'm OK, babies are OK, Ben and Delilah are OK.  Just need to keep praying that it shifts so there aren't any complications. 

Other than that, we had a really great weekend.  
Dinner with friends on Friday.
Pool party for Delilah's friend Saturday morning.
Friends from the other base in Germany came Saturday night for dinner at Ayame (YUM).
Picnic/frisbee/zip line with friends Sunday. 

It was a great time, and I need to be better about taking more pictures. 

I hope you all have had a great week so far.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Made the official social media announcement yesterday.

We are officially 4 months along with TWINS!  

Completely and totally thrilled (and scared) to add TWO new baby Wards to the world.  

Found out right after NYE, kept it very quiet (just Ben) for awhile.  After a scare at 7 weeks, I was even more tight lipped, and I believe the only people that knew were us, my mom, and a couple close friends who noticed I wasn't enjoying the occasional IPA at gatherings.  After several more ultrasounds and 12 week check up, we began to tell more family and friends.  We were holding out making an announcement in hopes that we could tell a couple close friends in person.  Our schedules wouldn't allow it, so we told them, then made it public.  

We've gotten so much love and support, and we are SO thankful for that.  We are also moving back to America this year, and are stationed close to my mom!  So incredibly thankful for that, she is already ready to be a big help, so excited to get us back to America.  

So for now, we are making preparations to move and getting the house in order.  All of our flight information (at least for Delilah and I) is prepared and reserved.  Ben is sending us back early to find a doctor, a car, and get our household goods sent out earlier.  Our first shipment of things leave at the beginning of MAY!  Going to get crackin' on organizing after I finish some custom watercolors that have been requested by someone in the local area.  

Everyone have an excellent day. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Getting this dang old thing started back up

Life has gotten in the way of writing.
Last year was a whirlwind, and it taught me a lot about family, friendships, and what is important in life.  I learned who I can rely on, who I can't, and why it's important to always take a step back and evaluate situations/people.  


My family is really dope, and about to be even doper.

I have traveled to some amazing places.

I have eaten some great food.

I was in a theater production of Mary Poppins and it was amazing.

Through theater, I have met some of the most interesting and delightful friends.

I have learned a lot about friendship.

Delilah is on spring break this week, so I'm planning on having us take a couple outings to the local animal places this week.  I love going, she loves going.

We also have been getting our house/plans in order for our return to America this year.  I'm thrilled to say that we will be returning to Missouri after not living there since 2008!  We will only be about 40 minutes drive from my mom, and that just makes me so happy.  Delilah cannot WAIT to get there.  Ben is sending us (along with the pets) back at the beginning of June so we can get a car, get established and comfortable, and begin looking for a house.  That's right, we are going to BUY!  He will join us in July when his duty in Germany is complete.  It's only a month until our first shipment of goods gets picked up and taken to America, so time is quickly running out for us to get organized for that!  Today, we made some strides and pulled things from the attic to donate/organize for the movers to pack.  The guest room is slowly transforming into the "moving room", which is fine.

Tomorrow brings errands to the on base store, German grocery, the post office, and possibly to the flower fields to pick some beautiful blooms to have at our home.
Seems like the perfect way to spend a Monday.

Hope you all had an excellent weekend!