Monday, November 3, 2014


Yogurt and fruit

Quesedillas and black beans
Annie's spaghettios, fruit, veg
Annie's mac&cheese, fruit, veg
Avocado, fruit, hummus, and nut crackers

Baked Salmon and veggies
Curry lentils

I was Marceline (from Adventure Time) for Halloween.  Met up with friends early on base (because it gets CRAZY).  Got dressed up and took Delilah around a couple streets. I'm lucky right now because she's still little and we didn't have to be out in the crazy crowds as much.  Next year will be a far different story, I'm sure.  
Delilah decided to be Rapunzel for Halloween, and was mega adorable (even with her short little pig tails).  Luckily, we have like 6 different princess dresses, so this was a last minute change from Anna from Frozen.  Silly little girl.  She had a great time running around with all her friends door to door, and I had a great time walking around with them all. 
Ben bought an old California Raisin costume off of ebay and was a big hit with a lot of the older people walking around with their kids.  He's so funny.
This is my friend Amanda, and I love her.

It was a great party, and then the next morning, we all rolled out of bed and had coffee and BLTs.  Ben's friend Mike came down for the weekend from the nearby base and he got along great with everyone.  

That night, we had döners and watched Troll 2 with some friends.  

All in all, it was a really fantastic weekend.  

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