Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enjoying time with family and friends...and missing Ben

I've been here at my parents' house since last Saturday night after spending a week with Ben and his family at his parents' house in Adrian.  He left VERY early on Sunday morning, and I thought it would be nice to give him a full uninterrupted night's sleep the day before he traveled.
I cried all the way up to my mom's house though.

It's been 4 years since we've been separated, and I already miss him.  As soon as he landed in FL, he called and told me, "Get Delilah and just fly down here to be with me."  He misses us too.

Got some news earlier this week...Ben will be gone for a year in February!  I'm sad/nervous/excited.  I'm sad because he'll be away so long and miss a lot of new stuff Delilah does.  I'm nervous because I will be here (at my parents' house thankfully), but without him to help, and I'm excited because this is the beginning of the end of us living in New Mexico (hopefully).  He'll get a month to come home in the middle (or maybe at Christmas time), and we could possibly go visit him.  It will certainly be a change.  We've been lucky to not have him be deployed before this.

I had a dream about the insane aunt of mine that I wrote about on a previous post.  In my dream, I saw her at Walmart, and she confronted me.  (Which I know would never happen because she is cowardly and wouldn't have the nerve to confront anyone ever)  I told her that SHE KNEW what the truth was, and knew that her daughter had been lying all along, but I also knew that if she took my mom's side, my cousin would keep her daughter away from my aunt.  So I knew she had to turn her back on the people that helped her through the most difficult time in her life.  She nodded and looked as ashamed as I could possibly imagine someone COULD look ashamed.  I know that's how it is.  Doesn't make it right or OK, but I know the truth.  So does my mom.  So does she.

Other stuff:

*Delilah tried to say her name yesterday!  She said "Didah"!
*Planning on going to the zoo with my mom on Monday!
*Craft day with some of my lady friends soon!

And some pictures:
Found these at an antique mall for $1 a piece!  
Got her feet in grass for the first time!
Good morning instagram sent to Ben.
At the Memorial Day pig roast!

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