Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Finally, the countdown is over.  We made it back to MO last Saturday night, just in time for Bethany's graduation.  It was super hot in the gym, I had to fan Delilah the entire time...blech.  She did well though and slept on Pop Pop most of the time.  Bethany sang in a quartet and sounded beautiful!  After the graduation, we came back to Ben's parents' house for a party.  I forgot to take pictures, but I have some that Aunt Nancy took!

We've only been in town a couple days, so we haven't done TOO much, but we did go up and see some friends up north the other day.  We're heading up to visit my mom today, and then off to OK Joe's for lunch.  (YUUUUUM)

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M3G4N Hayyyyy said...

im so glad you made it home safely! i love the photos of the family! your little girl is so beautiful!