Friday, October 25, 2013

Holy Crow, Long time....

It's been awhile since I wrote in here.  I have barely had time to sit and write anything since Ben got into town.  We've been going going going ever since he got here.  
He leaves on Sunday.  This month really flew by.

I guess I'll do a picture update, since that seems to be the easiest.

My cute little gal walking around in my heels.

Delilah loves her PaPa.

We got to see the Budweiser horses!

I got a tutu from his boyfriend and wore it under my dress. It looked FABULOUS.

The things you see in Westport!

Poor Delilah cut the top of her mouth with a hard plastic straw.  We went to the local ER (waste of time) and then went to Children's Mercy.  Luckily, a friend is a nurse in the OR and got a surgeon to come check it out.  A couple stitches were needed.  She was fantastic, well behaved, polite.  Everyone loved her there.

As soon as we got home, she got a much needed hug from her PaPa.

Hanging with Daddy watching Daniel Tiger. 

Got to see Flig a lot.  He's a princess.

Go Chiefs!

At an antique store with the boys.  Delilah had everyone hold her hand.  They love her.  She loves them.  She's got nicknames for everyone.  Chippie, Ewi, Bent, Wandie.

Holding hands.

At a local park.  Having a good time playing!

Nail party at Chelsea's house before the wedding.  I did Ashley's hair.

Getting my hair rolled before the hair stylists did it up all nice and pretty

This guy did my hair and it looked AMAZING.  He's wearing extensions as an Amish beard...

Sassy friends. 
Beautiful bride.

Let's get this wedding started!

Look what I got to go see!

Nice to have a friend who enjoys musicals too.  The show was AMAZING.  Better than I expected...and I expected a lot!

Excited on my way up to see Wicked!

I love me some Nessers.

Jeff brought his little Frenchton over to play and he and Otis love each other.
When we go over to Ben's parents' house, everyone basically does whatever Delilah wants to do. She's spoiled over there.  Never ever does she not have something to do with someone.

Went and saw Grandpa Ward.  Delilah gave him a kiss on the cheek and said his name which pretty much made his day.  Got to see Aunt Nancy too, which was a great surprise.

On our way to see my New England family!

Delilah loved my sister immediately.

At one of the local parks.  Yeah, CT is gorgeous.

My sister and Delilah were fast friends.  

Cousins.  Finally got to meet my niece.  She's wonderful, as is my nephew.  A couple of really good kids.

Ben put a lady bug on her hand.

She's ready for Halloween.

Cuddling with Aunt Barbara right away.  I didn't get too many pics when the entire family came over, but I know my sister did.  I'll just have to get pics from her.  I was too busy soaking in all the love and awesomeness.  I love my New England family.

Delilah and Morgan got along great!

My sister has some awesome dogs.  Yes, that's a giant dog, but my sister is also tiny.

They were so good with Delilah.

Having a blast!

Poor Delilah cried when they dropped us off at the  hotel.

Disclaimer: I'm not that much taller than my sister...I was standing on a small hill.

On the way home on the WORST airline I've ever flown on. Do not ever fly on US Airways.  Extra charges and an awful flight attendant that talked crap on passengers within earshot.  It was so unprofessional.

Last night something funny happened.
Awhile back, I had tweeted about the misspellings of an old aquaintance's children's names.
Last night, she apparently found the tweet while googling her kid's name.  She wrote me, cussed me out, deleted me from fb, and then tried to readd me.  I wrote back and told her I was sorry for hurting her feelings, but the spellings always got to me.  I said nothing bad about her children...I would never do that. Only the spelling of their names (and the fact that she documented their hand/foot/mouth disease daily with pictures on fb).
I got sent screen shots of her fb rant about me in which I was called judgmental/bitch/c**t/etc... She and her friends had a heyday bad mouthing me. I know I should have been offended, but it was quite hilarious.  I was with some other friends that also knew her, and they got a kick out of it too.  It's amazing how much of a 180 her life took after high school.  My favorite insult slung towards me was from a girl I apparently went to school with (although I have no idea who she is).  She remembers me and said I looked like little orphan Annie.  I'm chuckling typing that out.  I mean, that's the best insult for a redhead she could do?
Best to just move on.

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