Sunday, June 1, 2014

One week from today!

Another week goes by in Germany.  Tried out a couple new shops.  So far, I've liked Kauflands because it's got a lot of variety and decent prices.  It's only about a 15 minute drive from my house too!  KIK was recommended to me for clothing, but it's a bust. Not my style, and kid clothes in Germany is hard to come by.  Very character/cartoon oriented...not how I like to dress Delilah.  I have also shopped at Aldi (which we have in the States).  It's nicer here and the produce selection is great.  

Watched our friends' kids last night.  Took them on a walk to a zipline nearby, came back and had dinner, then they just bugged Ben with video game stuff all night.  Ben didn't mind.  He's an expert at that stuff.  

I just kinda relaxed after Delilah went to bed, so it was an easy night.  Kids got picked up this morning, and I hoped to get out of the house to a few festivals happening within an hour of us, but it just wasn't in the cards today.  In any case, my house is now cleaned up and the weekly meal plan is finished.  

Speaking of....

Hot dog and carrots
Leftovers (x2)
Boiled eggs and string cheese
Quinoa salad (this didn't happen last week) and smoothie
Spinach/avocado/strawberry salad

Hawaiian crockpot chicken (same as last week, it didn't get made!)
Teriyaki chicken (same as last week, it didn't get made!)

Popcorn (we may do something fancy and add caramel or something)
Mixed veggies (depends on what is at the stores)

Oh, did I happen to mention I'm doing something really really fun in exactly one week?  



Got some incredible floor tickets and we are staying in a great hotel like 2 miles from where the concert is.  It's going to be absolutely fantastic.  This is my anniversary gift!

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Cindy Friend said...

So happy you get to have a weekend! xxoo