Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dallas, TX can kiss my butt.

First of all, I just want to say that moving to Germany has been a wonderful experience...


I have been separated from Rilo and Margot since April now, and that does not make me happy.  We had to leave them in the care of my mom, and thank goodness she could do it, but I miss them.  We ended up spending almost 40 days in a no pets allowed temporary living facility before we were able to get into our there wouldn't have been a place for them right away.  Then we tried to get them out, and it was too hot.  Then we were planning on Ben bringing them back when he was on TDY in OK City...but his flight flew through Heathrow, and no live animals can be flown in there. 


Now we are just waiting for temps to go down in Dallas so that we can get our babies over here.  They will fly out through American Airlines from KC to Dallas and then straight to Frankfurt.  There have been a couple days where the temp is listed as below 85, but it's still too close and I don't want to chance them not getting to fly out.  This is just so frustrating.  Everything is very difficult.


This is a view right outside my village.

My little model.  

Family day!

Apple-Happle picking!

She had a complete blast picking apples to take home.


Walking through the orchards.

Tart apple dipped in chocolate (that she got to dip herself!)

Ended the day with a pony ride.

Super fun day, getting ready to take a short little family trip to a nearby city.  We haven't gotten to travel much out here since he was gone so much this summer and was in training.  It's not very expensive to travel, especially when there's a military instillation near where we want to go!  Cheap hotel and then going and walking around in Belgium!  Inexpensive family trip in Europe.  It's pretty awesome.  Looking forward to it.  

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