Sunday, October 12, 2014

I've been in 3 countries in 3 days!

Before I get to that, I'm gonna list out my menu for the week:


Bagel with PB&honey, banana, carrots
Boiled eggs, waffle, and grapes
Spinach quesedilla with black beans
Annie's mac&cheese, apple slices, broccoli

(all served with apple or carrot juice)
Yogurt&smoothie pop
Waffle with PB&honey
Eggs with English muffin

Fruit kebobs
Broccoli and greek dip


Now onto the travels:

Tuesday, Ben took some leave and we got to go on a little vacation.  He was gone most of the summer, so being able to take a trip together was really awesome.

We headed out on Tuesday after Delilah's gymnastics class and drove straight to Trier.  It's the oldest city in Germany and is just BEAUTIFUL.  We parked in the city center and just started walking around.

St. Peter's Cathedral!

In front of the Cathedral

In the Porta de Nigra

Ben and Delilah in front of Porta de Nigra

After we were done wandering around, we went to our beautiful hotel overlooking the river and had dinner.  

Next day, we headed out for Waterloo, Belgium to see Butte de Lion.

These steps were AWFUL to climb. It was so steep!

It was super windy

Stayed at the Air Base in Belgium which was pretty OK.  Had dinner at a Thai place there before heading to bed completely exhausted.  Next day, we headed to Bruges!  We had heard that Bruges is much better than Brussels (and didn't have the dirty cat pee smell to it either), so we decided to go there.

Famous Bruges belfry. Built in the 1400s and we got to climb the narrow spiral staircase all the way to the top!

Hanging out by the canals.

On the way back to the hotel after Bruges, Ben took us along the coast of the North Sea. This is on a beach in Oostende, Belgium.  It was beautiful.

The most well traveled kid. She had a great time and was amazing on our little adventure.

I cannot wait to go on the next trip. It was so much fun.  So thankful to be living out here!

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