Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yard Sale and a BIG SURPRISE!

First, here's some meal planning:
Waffle and fruit
Cereal and juice
Yogurt and toast
Oatmeal with PB2, honey, and Juice+Vanilla

Quinoa and chicken
PB&honey, crackers, veggie
Spaghettios and avocado

Vegetarian quinoa burritos

Cucumbers/carrots/cottage cheese/almonds

Work on letter book
Start number book

Ok, now onto the weekly stuff.  Ben worked evenings this week, so we were thrown off a bit.  

Planned for a yard sale all week with some friends, and sold quite a bit of stuff over the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday were spent outside hanging with friends and making some easy money.  

Found out what Ben and our friend Eddy have been planning in secret...they planned a FREAKING TRIP TO PARIS FOR US!  Amanda, Liz, and I will be heading to Paris via train on Friday morning for a weekend girls' trip!  
Eiffel Tower!
Moulin Rouge!
Notre Dame!
(I'd like to go to the Louvre, but I'm saving that for another trip)

We are also going to the HARRY POTTER EXHIBITION!!!  Props, costumes, and basically a huge walkthrough of authentic Harry Potter stuff!  Like 10,000square feet.  I'm beyond excited.

I have never had a girls' trip before.  The only time I've left Delilah overnight, it's been with my mom and I've always come back early morning the next day.  
I obviously have full confidence that Ben and Delilah are going to have the BEST time.  

I'm so excited, and I just can't believe he planned this for me!  What a wonderful surprise!!!

We had a BBQ at Seewog on Saturday.  This is Eddy. Delilah loves Eddy.  

Delilah also loves Loki.

The gorgeous weather allowed us to get out on a new trail...and we found a log cabin!

Enjoy the week, I know I will!

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