Sunday, April 12, 2015

Food and activities!We

Waffle and juice
Oatmeal with PB2
Greek yogurt with honey and fruit
Cereal and apple juice
Kid choice

Shrimp salad
PB&Honey, fruit, veg
Pinwheels with crackers


Homemade granola
Protein/veggie/fruit shake
Cottage cheese
Granola bars

I slacked last week because of I'm back on track now!

Here are some of the activities we're going to do this week (on top of the ABC stuff we're already doing)

(we will at least start to paint the popsicle sticks this week)

Now, some updates:
We did designer bag bingo last Friday.  I am not huge on designer stuff, but it was just something fun to do.  However, when I walked in, I spotted this super cute carry on type bag...leopard print!  Everyone in the group said that if anyone won it, they'd give it to me.  It's now happily residing in my home.  Thanks, Danny!

I made some super cool Harry Potter mugs and sold 5 of them in one day!  Waiting for some more white mugs to get stocked so I can make more!

The Easter Bunny hooked Delilah up big time!  Necklace, Kinder eggs, chocolate, The Little Engine that Could, water color paints, water color crayons, and a water color pad!

Only the coolest Easter baskets have Kinder eggs

Had Easter dinner with our friends and it was wonderful.

Ordered Delilah a big girl bike and Ben put it together after working an incredibly long day AND picking up new people from the airport.  Didn't get home until 8pm.

KMCC did a (very tiny) Comicon, and Delilah was absolutely stoked to see some Star Wars characters.  

My little sweetie at the Comicon.
I'm making a Storm Trooper blanket!

Did a workout at the gym this morning, so my legs will be wrecked tomorrow.  Just got back in from taking Delilah to her first bike riding lesson.  She was doing AWESOME...and then she fell.  
"There's blood!"
"The wheels are broken!"
"Why did this happen?!"
After I cleaned her up and put bandaids:
"I think I can walk now."

Love that girl.  
Love this sunshine.
Love my life.

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