Monday, June 1, 2015

I've been rotten about updates. BUT I'VE BEEN BUSY!

Hello, lovelies.  I've been super busy with end of year recitals.  

First, meal plan!

*Breakfast cookie/milk


*Burrito bowls (vegetarian)
*Chicken noodle soup
*15 bean soup with cornbread

*Blueberry protein muffins
*Breakfast cookie
*Greek yogurt w/ Juice+ and frozen blueberries
*Dried apricot
*Parmesan cheese goldfish
*Honeycrisp apple

Ok, now onto picture updates!

My beautiful Mother's Day card

LOVE this girl.  So thankful to be her mommy.

Look at this little darling at her first dance recital!

First dance recital was a success!

Blessed to have this amazing group of friends.  The amount of love and support is just overwhelming.

Of COURSE we had to meet Rapunzel!

Wildlife park near my village...we got to hold hawks and feed them!

Brave little girl!

This reindeer was super friendly and adorable.

We got to hike in our favorite spot over Memorial Day weekend!

It's a magical place.
My crazy brave friends.

This little lady made some excellent strides this year in gymnastics and performed so WELL at her showcase!  So proud!

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