Sunday, August 30, 2015

Time to get back on track after a VERY busy summer.

First, the meal planning, then the updates.

"Cake batter" overnight oats
Banana protein pancakes
Boiled eggs and toast

Lunch: (Delilah/Danielle)
DIY lunchable/Chicken&Avocado
Leftover pasta salad
Leftover Thai meatballs&quinoa

Breakfast burritos (eggs, sausage, bacon, etc...)
Shrimp tacos (marinate in lime juice and taco seasoning)
Grilled schwenk steaks w/mashed cauliflower

Coconut honey almond granola

Ok, so some updates.

This has been an extremely busy month.  We learned that Delilah was off the wait list and would be attending preschool this year!  3 days a week 9-12.  We are all REALLY excited for this new and exciting adventure.  She's got her backpack (Spiderman) and back to school clothes ready. 

Earlier in the month, Ben took a week off and we took a 2 day trip to Köln (Cologne), just us!  It was really fantastic, and really wonderful to have an adult trip.  We rode the subway the entire time and were pros at it by the end (mostly Ben).  Went to various places that had different varieties of Kolsh beer (which is famous in Cologne).  Dinner twice overlooking the Rhein River, once with a little band playing Beatles music!  Walked across the Love Lock bridge (that was the day I got 23K steps in...thanks FitBit!), and stayed in a weird little apartment.  
It really was a wonderful trip.

Köln Cathedral

Köln Cathedral

St. Ursula's ossuary (those are all human bones)

St. Ursula ossuary.  There were so many skulls like this!

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