Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Still so much going on!

First off, I have to say how thankful I am for a few things:

1. The generosity of my mom and Jack. Seriously. They help me when I don't ask for it, but need it, and I can't thank them enough for that.

2. My amazing kid who is dealing with the incredible change from moving to America from Germany without Ben AND going on all kinds of boring grown up errands. She's the best.

3. My incredible husband, Benjamin, who is taking care of business across the ocean.  We are one solid freaking team, and I'm just so happy about that.

4. These tiny little dancers in my tummy who make me tired and happy and scared and excited all at once. 

Went to the new base today and took care of passport stuff as well as got my ID renewed.  

Met with 2 fencing guys who measured my new backyard. All were over the budget that Jack had originally given me, so I was going to keep looking.  Got home and showed him, and he insisted that a privacy fence was going to be best for safety and peace of mind, so that's what he is going to get for us.  I held back the pregnancy and thankful tears, but I gave him a huge hug and thanked him because that is INCREDIBLY generous.  We have a beautiful backyard in the new house, and now it is going to be even better.

Tomorrow, meeting with my maternity heart care specialists and then possibly getting a car?  Gotta check it over and make sure the monthly payments are what we want. 

The only really stressful thing happening right now is our landlord not signing a paper properly (and now she's in the hospital) and digging her feet in about a known problem.  The realtor who has been working with us is 100% on our side and has contacted both housing and the landlady for us.  Hoping that she has the power to sign the paper for us so we can get the contract taken care of and officially check out of the house.  Landlady is very close to not being able to rent to military anymore, and that would be the loss of her income, so I hope she comes to her senses.  She told me today she's too busy to talk to the is NOT happy about that.  Just going to keep praying that things work out in our favor. 

I am officially listed:

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So if you need some art or dryer balls, check me out!

Time for bed.  Going to do my stretches and snuggle up next to my daughter and pets. 

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