Friday, February 18, 2011

My dream last night....

So I had a super weird dream last night.  In it, I was somehow dating Steven Tyler and he was some kind of General or leader in a war.  (What the war was about and against whom, I'm not sure)  Anyway, we lived in a tent, and I had all my belongings there.  He was away, and the other "army" decided to attack.  Not a normal army, mind you, think of Michael Jackson's Thriller, and that's how they came at me.  Yeah, just me...there wasn't actually an army fighting on my side.  Weirdly, they looked like zombie versions of Steven Tyler (probably because he's halfway looking like one in real life.) 
So the leader of the enemies has a daughter, and she goes in my tent/room and steals a bunch of my dresses.  Pssh.  Steven Tyler is nowhere to be found,  obviously he is hiding somewhere like a coward.  I go after the girl and her fancy room looking for my dresses.  She is obviously evil too, so she won't give me my stuff back.  I decide to start breaking her stuff, and then grab her hand and break that too. 

Then I got my stuff back.

Then I woke up.

And that was my dream.

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