Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day in New Mexico!

It is soooooo cold outside.  The fierce NM wind (thanks to the flat land and lack of real trees and mountains) is blowing like crazy causing the windchill to drop to crazy extremes like -24 at certain times.  Yesterday, it was actually painful to walk from my car to the front door of the school.  I couldn't see because the snow/dust was everywhere and I was cold all day, even in the building. 
Enough parents complained that the school district had school that they decided to cancel school early yesterday for today.  Imagine my surprise!  Clovis almost never cancels school!

Today, my plan is to do some cleaning (because a house is lived in, and all my cleaning from last week was bound to not last!), start Mary's painting, and work on my cookie sheet calendar.  I got the sheet covered and the days cut out last night.  I need to work on getting the days of the week, different holidays, photos of people for their birthdays, months, and quotes made.  It's a long project, one that will keep me busy.  It looks awesome so far though. 
I'm thinking about modge podging a piece of cardboard to match my bathroom and setting it on my over the toilet shelf so that my perfumes have something to sit on instead of wobbling around on the actual shelf.  Just another thing to personalize my house!

I got 2 gifts in the mail from friends back home:
From Mary-because I don't have a Victoria's Secret around sweet is she??!
An early Valentine from Aimee!
I really do have some of the most awesome friends EVER, don't I?  How can I not feel blessed?

What I'm coveting right now:
Octopus pendant
Perfect for a crafty crafter like me, right?

Music I've been listening to lately:
I like how his voice doesn't sound like everyone else.

Folky and addicting music from some really talented guys.

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