Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why today was great:

1. Woke up thinking it was Sunday, realized it was Saturday.
2. Craved a greasy hamburger and fries (and got it at place we hadn't been to before-Bill's Jumbo Burger)
3. Got showered/dressed and went to town with Ben and got lunch.
4. Went to BBW and got a free lotion and a free tote along with purchasing a new lotion-Apricot Vanilla.  Love it.  Also voted for a new fragrance!
5. Went to Hastings-didn't get anything.
6. Found a grocery store that actually has good produce (Walmart and the Commissary are AWFUL)
7. Went to Walmart and stocked up on everything we needed, found Pomegranate Shampoo for $3 (on sale), got some new makeup.  Got some guac (and I'm thinking about digging into that right now!)
8. Came home, cleaned up a bit, and took the dogs out on a walk.  Rilo wasn't on her leash the entire time and stopped before going into any street.  Otis was off his leash for the last bit of the walk and stayed next to me!
9. Ben and I decided to stay in tonight and just hang out with one another.  He's playing his new video game and I'm just browsing the internet.  Totally relaxing. 
10. Found this: and am considering getting it for Otis.  The walks may go a bit better, especially if there is another dog in his eye sight. 

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