Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hard to get time at the computer!

This is what I have been able to work on when I get a moment.  Instead of the traditional birth announcements (because facebook makes them kind of useless...), I made this to hang in my house!

I don't get much time to myself anymore, and that has been a real adjustment, and some times are harder than others...but in the end, I really do love it.  

Thanks for the headband, Colsie!

I made that bow!

Dinner and bed time is so fun!

Got my desk painted (thanks to Ben) and moved into the house.  Craft time!

Found out today that a friend here in Clovis passed away.  It feels more tragic when someone dies when they are still young.  He was only a little older than me.  It still doesn't feel real.  It just feels like he's still there.  The memorial service was today.  I kept it together until the pastor said exactly what I needed to hear.  He wasn't alone when he passed.  When you are a Christian and accept Christ into your heart, His name is written on your heart. You are never alone from that point out.  I actually think that was the same thing I was told the day I was saved. 
See, what bothered me the most was thinking that he was by himself when he needed us most.  It really got to me.  So hearing that really meant a lot, and I think that it helped a lot of people as well.

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