Monday, February 27, 2012


On the computer again!  Usually, my time at the computer is spent getting the pictures of Delilah organized.  I never have time to blog or do much else anymore.  I check facebook and pinterest from my kindle fire while Lilah eats.

Life is pretty good.  Got our tax refund, and Ben got a new computer!  We ordered some stuff off of cookware (stainless steel!), iphone case, 2 cricut cartridges, and a variety of other stuff.  Pretty exciting.  Went to Roswell on Sunday and got some new towels, and a bunch of new stuff for Delilah.  She's 9 weeks old and is wearing 3-6 month clothing.  A couple outfits she wears are 6-9 month!  She's my growing girl!

Still enjoying not having to work.  The time has come where I thought I'd be ready to sub, but I'm not yet.  I probably will next month.  Just a couple days a month will do me just fine.  I don't really like this school district anymore.  Working in it at different locations has really opened my eyes to a lot of politics...bad teachers staying because no one will do anything about it, jobs closing down to make room for upper management that isn't needed...seems like funds are being put places that they aren't needed.  Anyway, it's not for me anymore.  I'm hoping that we will get orders soon, and the next place will have a better district.  (COME ON, OMAHA!)

I've been working on some new crafts lately.  One is Delilah's baby book.  I've said before that I didn't ever find one that I liked, so I decided to make my own.  I'm happy to say that this one is just turning out beautifully!  I've also been making some outfits for her.

She's just the cutest model EVER.

I put the onesies up on my In the Sky Designs page on fb, and already got 2 orders!  They are ready to be picked up!

So much fun to make!

My mom has been out visiting since the 7th, and has been a huge help to me. Things are getting a bit easier, but for sure, I was having a hard time getting the swing of house+baby.  Now that she's napping better on her own, that's getting easier.  
We've been having a blast though, hanging out and visiting.  I really enjoy it when she comes out, and I'm cherishing this visit because I know there won't be another until summertime when we go back to Missouri.  She came out in time to watch Delilah so Ben and I could go to his ALS graduation:

Staff Sgt!

I love my pretty little family!

We also celebrated Valentine's Day (although it was a little traumatic because Lilah had to get her shots that day)

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