Saturday, March 10, 2012

Heroes, baking, sewing, baby, life.

I'm exhausted today.  Could be the change in the weather today, gloomy and rainy (I love it though).  Could be because Delilah started kicking me at like 6am this morning.  (We need a king size bed)
Oh well, it's not like I have to go to work...I can rest when she rests...which is right now.
Yup, Lilah is sleeping in her crib.  Napping like a good little baby.  I'm not ready to have her move out of our bed yet (it's so easy to just pop a boob out and feed her while we both fall back asleep.  I love to sleep.), but if she naps in it and gets used to it, it might make the transition easier once we are ready.

I have more orders for some toddler shirts!  There is a lady in town who teaches parents how to do baby sign language.  She messaged me recently and asked me to make some shirts for her.  Pretty awesome!

I recently noticed that someone I know around here had been acting very standoffish towards me.  I finally wrote her a message and asked her what was going on.  
Here's our conversation:
Me: Hey, I was just writing to see if I had done something to upset you. The past few times I've seen you, it seems like there's some kind of animosity, and I just want to clear the air. If I've done something to hurt you, I want to know.
Her:WIthout trying to sound like a cold-hearted b*tch, I noticed that there was a lack of equality in the friendship. When that happens, I generally accept the cards dealt and move on with my life instead of wasting energy pursuing people who have shown me where my place is in their life.

Now, I have no idea why she feels this way, and here's why:
1. I came over to her house and helped set up and cook for her surprise baby shower/birthday party.
2. When she left to have her baby, she stayed away for like a month, and then her parents were there helping with the baby.  I asked her when I'd be able to come over and see the baby, and she never replied. 
I honestly can't think of how I've made there be a "lack of equality".  

I think that someone that she hangs out with has told her some lie about me.  This wouldn't be the first time something like this happened to me.  
I am a happy person, and people around here aren't happy.  They want to bring people down.  It's happened to me several times.  I can't stop it, because I can't stop people from being jealous or hateful.  
It is what it is. 

My life lately:
*baby book
*cooking in my crockpot


ashley said...

I'm looooving the onesies!

Something that i've always thought about you, is that you always seem to have it together. even when we were 18, you just seemed like you had your head on straight and you were happy. Even when times were rough, you always held yourself together like a classy woman. And while for most this would be something that they would (and should) respect and appreciate about you- you know as well as i do, that some people (who are probably unhappy, as you pointed out)find a way to twist it all around and make you the bad guy. I think people in the rap world call these, "haters".

trust me, her loss- not yours;)


Danielle said...

Thanks, Ashley!

I think the monotony of life out here in Clovis really gets to people...making up things or gossiping is how people get by out here. Not me, thankfully.
Anything I say about someone is something I would (or have) said to someone.
If I can't do that, then I shouldn't be talking.