Monday, September 3, 2012

Fun party last night!

Ben and Miranda had their reenlistment party last night here, and it was great fun.  Had a keg and some great friends over. 
It was a successful night.  Ben ordered 8 different pizzas for everyone and we all just hung out in my garage. Hardly any clean up this morning!

Miranda and I went on a bike ride around the block, almost did something hilarious (but slightly mean), and she crashed twice.  (Ben's bike is for someone SUPER tall.)
All in all, a great night.  Good times over labor day weekend. 

Aside from the party, we've had a fantastic weekend.  We've shopped, spent time together, and hung out with friends.  



Found out an interesting tidbit of information as well.  

A week or so ago, a person that I met about 4 or 5 years ago was brought up in a conversation.  I didn't remember who this person was initially, but eventually remembered.  The same night I met her, some nasty things were said about a very nice person who was at the same get together. I don't know who said the nasty things (what I heard was hearsay), but it was blamed on me by a friend's ex-wife.  Later on, the ex-wife apologized to me for saying that I said nasty things about the nice person.  

Fast forward to present day.

A person that I no longer associate myself with was talking to the initially forgotten person and the rumor was spread that I made a fake facebook page with the ex-wife in order to be mean and harass the initially forgotten person. 


After over half a year of purposefully not spending time with this group of people because of the gossiping, and I'm still getting talked about.   I really just have to laugh about it, because what else can I do?  No matter what, they are going to talk about me, and I'm going to keep living my happy life.   

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