Monday, February 11, 2013

Back in Missouri, and it feels so good!

We are finally starting to settle in here in Missouri.  The boxes are unpacked (except for a few of my summer clothes), things are hung on the walls, and I'm getting my room set up the way I wanted.  It's fun being able to decorate a new space.  I'll take pictures once it's all done.  I've got a lot of projects pinned too.  This is going to be the year I learn how to sew.

My poor mom has been sick since a couple days after we got back.  So frustrating.  She watched Delilah for us the Saturday after we got back so we could go out before Ben left.  I got a text from Mom at 7 that morning telling me to please hurry home because she was sick.  We rushed back to relieve one wants to take care of a toddler when you're ill!  She's been down with the nasty bug since then, but is looking and sounding better.  

I miss Ben, of course.  What makes this deployment easier (so far) is that we can facetime and have at least twice a day since he got there.  It makes me happy to be able to talk to him, and I know it makes him happy too.  I can see it in his eyes that he misses us.  I already can't wait for him to come back and visit!  He starts his first shift out there tonight, so I'm excited for him.  He'll be going to work right as I'm waking up tomorrow morning.  The time difference is weird, and is taking some getting used to.  He's just waking up when my evening is starting.  

It was really fun going out with my friends before Ben left.  I definitely missed that and missed all of them even more than I realized!  Had some fun times pranking a friend...he deserves it and played it off him not being mad pretty well.  I'm really glad I'm back.  I've already had more fun since I've been back than I would in 2 months of being in New Mexico.  

Delilah loves it here too.  She loves running through the house and talking to everyone.  She's enjoying her new space so much, she's hardly playing with any of her toys!  Too much new stuff to explore.  I can't wait for it to be spring so we can go out and do more.  

I've got to get outta here though, I've got a couple orders for some canvases!  

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