Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saying good-bye

Clovis is the first place I lived with Ben.  It was our first home together.  It was the first place that was our's. I'll always look back and remember the excitement we had our first day here, unpacking, and setting up our home.  It's changed a ton since we first got here, but it's our's still.  We have spent time watching movies, laughing, cooking, playing games, and entertaining our friends.  

Clovis is where we rescued Otis from the pound.  He was the cutest, sweetest, neediest little guy in there.  I had to have him.  He and Rilo became friends and he fit right into our little family.  Had we not gotten him, I would have been attacked by a dog while I was pregnant and could have been the victim of a home invasion.    We also got Margot here.  A feisty little ball of fluff we rescued from being euthanized.  She warmed up to Otis, even though he was terrified of her.

Clovis is where my daughter was born.  The hospital staff are absolutely wonderful, and I wouldn't hesitate to have another child here.  They were patient, attentive, and caring.  My daughter spent the first year of her life here.  She sat up, tried solid food, crawled, walked, opened her first stocking, got teeth, walked, laughed, played, read books, and had many other firsts.  She has been up and down the halls, in and out of every room, and has made me laugh everywhere.  This was her first home, so for that, I'll look back fondly.  

Clovis is where I met friends that I will hopefully have for life.  We may not talk daily, but I love them dearly and am thankful for each of them.  Colsie, Elsa, Mira, 4 ladies have made/did make living here much easier.  I have enjoyed spending time with you, getting to know you, shopping, going out to eat, drinking wine, and watching movies.  You all are wonderful girls.  

Clovis is where I had my first real classroom.  Cameo Elementary was the best job I have ever had.  The people that I worked with were absolutely amazing, dynamic, and caring teachers.  Darla, Kathryn, Cheryl, Gaylinda (TEAM AWESOME), and others...they are stellar teachers and I am proud that I worked and learned from them.  I cherish all of your friendships and what you taught me about being a teacher.

Clovis is where I learned to be more guarded.  I had never had too many close girlfriends before marrying Ben and moving to a base.  I was thrown into friendships with ease because of the close ATC group.  It was easy to befriend people for me, being as I'm friendly and can get along with many.  It was not easy to discover that for months/over a year lies were spread about myself. It was incredibly disappointing, but my continued niceness to them only makes them look worse.  At our next base, I will be more guarded with whom I spend time with.

Clovis is a place we lived for 5 years. Clovis is a place where I have made some incredible friends. Clovis is where I learned.  Clovis is a smelly town that sometimes can be pleasant.  Clovis is a smelly town that can be incredibly frustrating.  Clovis is a place we lived. 

 It's time to head on to a new adventure.  

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