Sunday, May 19, 2013

I need to be better about updating.


Life is a bit crazy with Ben gone and taking care of a toddler 24/7!  My mom and Jack are amazingly helpful.  Had a long week last week...first time Delilah had a hard time teething.  Once she was feeling better, I definitely needed a break, so I went out and saw friends a couple nights and Mom, Jack, and Lilah hung out.  It's amazing how close they are.  How excited Lilah gets when they get home.  It so reminds me of me and my Grandma and Granddad.  I absolutely love it.  She's so happy here.  The only thing that would make it better is if Ben was here.  

I made this dress. She's the perfect little model.

Started doing the RedditGifts exchanges and got this shirt!

On our way to Wichita to visit Uncle Eli!

Just like she did with Daddy.

Went to my friend's baby shower.  She's such a beautiful person, inside and out.

On our way back.  She's such a good travel buddy.

Made this dress too!  May the Fourth be with you!

Another dress I made.  Getting creative with the ribbon!

Walking the dogs on the beautiful sunny Missouri days.

Walking through the woods and came out into a clearing to find a hidden pond!

Made this dress too.  Anchors ahoy!

Been having playdates with a couple friends.  Total of 7 kids running around and it's actually not hectic at all.

She loves lipstick.

This beautiful work of art is hanging up in my living room.

Playing with Grandma in the playset box.

Made this dress too. I just can't help it.  She's so adorable.

Playing cards with Grandpa and the boys.

Enjoying her new playset. 

She loves to pick me flowers.

A good picture of her new play set.  Amazing.

I've been doing a lot of artsy stuff lately too.  Having a lot of fun with it and selling a lot as well.  I have one customer who has made at least 5-6 orders through me and is planning on more next month.  I love doing it. 

Sent this to Ben.

Cheshire Cat for my redditgifts person

So baby, friends, art, family makes up my life right now.  It's a good life.  

(Oh, and hello to the people who come here to get information about me.  Hope you found what you needed!)

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