Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Visiting family

Well, the family reunion went wonderfully.  Got along famously with my cousins and my great uncle and great aunt.  The kids were some of the nicest, most well-behaved kids I've ever seen.  They didn't have their faces glued to any electronics, they all were playing outside and talking to the family.  Delilah loved all of them, and the feeling was mutual.  They'd run up and high five her or talk to her and she just soaked it all in.  Me, Mom, and Delilah got invited to the big 4th of July bash that they throw.  I think we're going to go. It's going to be a lot of fun.  I love that we are connecting with family again.

Aside from all the fun, I was really thankful that a couple of the estranged family members didn't show up.  We had a day without any family drama or issues, which is something that couldn't have happened if they had shown up.  It's kind of like they bring the Jerry Springer type vibe, and it's unpleasant.  There was someone there that hadn't met Delilah yet, and we didn't speak.  My choice. I don't enjoy her company due to her behavior stemming from her treatment of my grandma while she was sick with cancer. (Among other things).

Delilah, Mom, and I also went to go visit my other great uncle in the hospital tonight.  He is such a wonderful man, and is at a point now where he is coherent, but unable to speak.  No stroke, he just can't get the signals from the brain to the mouth.  I sat and talked with him, shared some yogurt covered pretzels with him.  He knew who I was, and knew who Mom was.  I told him about what was going on in my life, and Mom did the same.  Delilah perched near his bed and rubbed his knee.  He tried to smile.  I'm so lucky to have such a tender-hearted sweet baby.  She also gave him a fist bump and he seemed to like that.  
It is such a terrible thought to be completely lucid, but unable to speak.  He has a big family that loves him and will take good care of him though.  

Upcoming stuff:
I'm running in a 5K on Saturday!

Yes, I'm excited.
Yes, I'm nervous.
Yes, I think I'm ready. 

It's the color run, the happiest 5K on the planet.  I only wish Ben would be here at the finish line to see me run across it.  

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