Sunday, June 30, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Had a super fun birthday weekend.  Went to Kona Grill.  I was late for the reservation, but luckily almost everyone who came lives nearby and they were able to get there on time.  Holy crow, the parking at the Plaza on a Friday night is crazy.  I went into 2 parking garages, and both were full.  Finally, I just decided to do valet. $7 well spent.  
Dinner was fantastic. Had a rainbow roll, my favorite sushi roll.  Had a mojito which helped calm my nerves after driving around the Plaza.

After dinner, most everyone came back to my house for drinks and game night.  We all got to skype with Ben, which was awesome.  A couple more people showed up later, and we all played Cards Against Humanity.  I absolutely love that game.  Delilah was well behaved and slept through everyone being there.  So awesome.  I felt great, I was wearing a cute new dress, and I had a great time.  

Saturday night, a friend came over and we watched a couple movies and stayed up talking.  

All in all, I was thankful for a weekend full of friends and fun.  I need that every once in awhile.  

So on Sunday, I sit happy, exhausted, and peaceful.

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ashley said...

Sorry i missed it. Glad it was a great weekend!