Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life gets in the way of recording life.

I've been so busy lately, it's hard to catch up on here.  I don't mind it.  I'd rather be busy than sitting around being bored and lazy.

I'll start off with something I've been sad about and then end it with happy stuff.

I lost 2 friends at the beginning of the month.  I don't know if it'll be forever, but it feels like it might.  It was all over a dumb comment and a dumb reaction, but the reaction of one of my friends was completely justified.  I would have been super upset too.  I can only hope that that friend realizes that it was all a joke and that's it.  I can only hope that that friend forgives me one of these days.  I don't know if it'll happen.  I've texted that friend and left a voicemail, and that's about all I can do at this point.  I feel terrible.  UGH.  There's just nothing else I can do to fix it, and I hate it.  I don't like leaving things up in the air.  I don't like staying in an argument or fight for more than a day with someone I care about.  It was all so sudden and it just makes me sick to my stomach.  
Maybe one day we'll be friends again, but not now.


Happier stuff:
I've been going to trivia with my friends each Thursday night (except tonight because I was super tired and didn't want to drive anymore today).  I've been having a blast, and it has been great to get out of the house and do adult stuff.

I've been hanging out with my friend Jonny a lot.  He has a kid too, and so he totally understands the fact that I can't always get out to do stuff.  We've had movie nights here at my house and he's had dinner with the family.  It's been really nice to still do something and take care of Delilah at the same time.  

Going to World's of Fun on Saturday with a great group.  I've already got lunch stuff packed so we can eat at the car instead of getting overpriced friend crap in the park.  I haven't been in a few years, so I'm pretty excited to go.  Going to ride the RipCord with Vanessa.  I'm brave, ya'll.  

Drove out to Smithville yesterday to spend time with some family.  Delilah and I had a great visit with Aunt Margaret and Uncle Rick, and D got to play with baby Rae.  It was a nice little getaway, even if just for a day and a night.  I don't have a lot of family I associate with, so I treasure the really great ones I have!

Had a spectacular 4th of July with the Baker side of my family.  Drove up to Columbia and spent the night up there and just had a blast.  Guns, fireworks, popsicles.  'MERICA.

Annnnd, here's the obligatory picture catch up:
My 4th of July cutie.

Just for fun.

Just for fun.

Held a contest for this one.  

Silly cousin Cody.

Delilah enjoyed the girls

Me and my cousin Becky about to shoot the shotgun!

Zombie baby

Everyone actually really liked the fireworks.

Learning to shoot a 9mm

I apparently need to get her a rocking horse.

Shot more discs than I missed.  Heck yeah.

Mom got in on the gun shootin' too.

Tracking discs

Fireworks are fun! (from a safe distance and as long as I don't have to light them)

No one will ever be as cool as this girl right here.

Been enjoying the pool at the club this summer.

The mustache pics are a custom order!

Running inside to say hi to Grandma before hitting the pool

Finally got a haircut. Sheesh.

Like I said...coolestkideverdotcom

This is what I came home to after trivia last week. Grandma wears her butt out.

Horsey ride after the store is an easy reward for an extremely well behaved baby.

She's so happy to see Grandpa when he gets home

Made this for my room.  It's a good reminder.  

5,6 pick up sticks

There's a dog on Sesame Street

After nap silly faces

Made this one for Delilah's room.

After nap cuddles are the BEST.

...and after nap kisses!

These three are just too adorable.

And that's it for now.  I'm just going day by day.  

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Vanessa Jane said...

I think you've done all you can do lady! They will see the truth in time. I'm stoked for the rip chord!! And so grateful for you