Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good day to you all!

Had a pretty fun weekend.  Spent Friday night just hanging out at my house with Delilah.  Typical, but relaxing.  
Saturday, I got to go to Zona Rosa and have some delicious BoLings (why is there not sushi at that location?!?) with Jonny, and then we went and saw a movie.  You're Next is pretty good...very gory, but I enjoyed it overall.  The story took an unexpected twist, and I like that a lot.  No spoilers here though, just go see it.  There are so many movies out that I want to see, and I'm glad I have a friend I can drag along with me. After the movie, we played Super Mario World with his son.  I actually got to play on the Wii U.  It was different, but really cool.

This week, I've just been catching up on household stuff I was lax on last week.  Sometimes, I just need to veg out...which is not easy when Ben is across the world and I'm here taking care of an almost 2 year old pretty much 24/7.  She's so awesome and wonderful though, it really is great seeing her do new stuff every single day.  This weekend, I'll probably just watch a movie  here with a friend, swim, make some delicious food, and just enjoy my life.

I'm ready for fall.
I've done our winter/fall clothing shopping.
I'm ready to start baking and putting pumpkin in EVERYTHING.

Oh! I ordered my bridesmaids dress for Vanessa's wedding (along with a few other things) from forever21!
I also ordered my Halloween costume for this year.  I haven't gotten to dress up the last couple years.  Last year, I really wasn't into the people that were having parties in Clovis...I mean, they were pretty low on my list of people I want myself associated with, and the year before, I was mega pregnant.  This year is going to be awesome though!
No, I'm not saying what it is yet.  You'll just have to wait.

Yay, new tunnels! 

Cupcakes for Dayly.

Surprise party!

FaceTime with Ben-Landon, Chip, and Delilah

Happy birthday, Dayly!


Delilah had to wear the big hat.

Yep, I'm wearing this shirt.


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