Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm interesting.

Still have lots of thoughts running through my head that I can't quite sort out.  Slowly but surely, I'm getting there, just something I have had to actively work on. 

Picture update time:

This is what happens when Delilah doesn't feel good, and I'm entirely OK with the cuddles. If I can make her feel better, I'll do it.

Everyone who matters loves my mom.

Got Christmas pictures done.  I mostly send them to friends and Ben's side of the family. I've got a few people on my side of the family that I send them to, but many I just leave out.

Playdate with Jude!

He love sharing his stuff with Delilah.  It's so sweet.
My favorite silly face she does. It cracks me up, so she does it a ton!

Got lovely pedicures and leg massages with my wonderful friend Vanessa.  A much needed girl's night.

Yippee!  I wrapped Delilah's big birthday gift.  I'll let her open it at her party.  

This is what happens when we got to Target and Vanessa says, "Want to look at ornaments?"  We end up with a tree, tree skirt, ornaments, tags?, etc...

Went to a church auction/Thanksgiving dinner.  Delilah loves to play with her friends and they all just charmed the room while I got to bid!

I got her this wonderful handmade wooden bench!  LOVE it. 

It's getting super cold outside, and even though my car heats up super fast (because it's an awesome Honda Element), I made her a car blanket to keep her all snuggly.

Shopping at Sam's Club with these 2.

Otis is so obnoxious and annoying, but he's also a sweetheart and I love him.

Sometimes, when she's good...I let her ride the horse at Walmart.  50 cents is a small price for the look on her face as she gets to ride the horsey.

I love her more than anything ever. 

Helping us start Thanksgiving lunch!  YAY!

No,  I couldn't wait a day to put up decorations.  I had to put them up right after dinner, and it was awesome.

My simple wreath I made.

Little tree with lots of presents.

My grandma made this years and years ago.  It's my favorite decoration.

Delilah loves the santa hat and scarf.  

I stupidly had to get out on Black Friday for a couple necessities I had run out of. This person was waiting for 5 min for a spot that wasn't even close to the front of the store. We made eye contact and she still didn't move.  

Lilah wanted to wear a sling like Mommy.  

I'm making this.

Yeah, that's about it.  I have a great life.