Sunday, April 13, 2014

My week.

All the meals for last week were a definite success.  I think the only thing I would change would be doubling the quinoa patties.  They were good, but didn't make a whole lot...and my husband can definitely eat at dinner time.  

I'm making my new store list/meal plan this morning.  I'll try and link what I'm making to the list on here.  I think that'll be much nicer than just a list, right?

Boiled eggs
Fresh fruit
Cereal (a FAVORITE)

Honey&PB sandwich
Roll ups
Apples w/ melted pb, crackers, and cheese
Pasta w/ sauce

Chicken fingers and sweet potato fries (Was going to make this last week, but we had a fun trip to the ER yesterday...more on that below)
Homemade pizza
Chicken burrito bowls (big hit here!)

All sound good!  I think I'll do the BBQ sandwiches tonight.  I've already got cooked chicken that can easily be drained and shredded and mixed in with some warmed BBQ sauce for an easy meal tonight.  Something easy for a Sunday evening.  

Now for the ER visit info:

Delilah woke up from her nap yesterday, and everything was going completely normal...until she fell face first into the hard wood floor of our hotel after slipping.  I immediately picked her up and comforted her, and when I looked down, she was covered in blood.  I remained calm (I'm not really sure how) and ran to get a towel and icepack.  She wouldn't let me near her chin.  Ben was out getting supplies for the car, and I texted him to come home immediately.  I was able to remove her shirt, but I still couldn't get a good look at the injury.  At this point, the blood wasn't flowing, just the occasional drip.  Ben got home, and to get her calm, they started watching Frozen.  At this point, I was able to kinda slide up and look at her chin.  WHOA.  Yep, we gotta go to the ER.  That's gonna need stitches.  
So we got in the car and made the drive.  When we got there, we got seen right away...unfortunately, Ben and I had the task of holding a lidocaine soaked gauze to her chin.  For 15 minutes.  I had an idea of how strong my daughter is, but after holding her arms and head for even 5 minutes was a strain.  Eventually, the numbing worked and things got a bit easier after that.  She kept telling Ben, "No, Daddy, stop! Let's go bye-bye!"  It was heartbreaking.
Doctors came back in, and we had to wrap her up in a blanket to keep her from flailing.  Ben held her knees, I held her arms at her chest and stayed near her head so she could see me.  As she was getting stitched up, she kept saying, "Mama, mama, I need you!"  Holy crow.  I felt like my heart was actually shattering.  It was quick, only 5 stitches, and everyone was telling her how well she was doing.  
I comforted her as soon as they were done, and I had brought her Hello Kitty bandaids (because normal ones are "ugly" according to Delilah).  We got home, and ice cream and Disney movies were on the agenda.  She was brave, I was brave.  It was awful.

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Cindy Friend said...

The menu sounds good. I already miss your cooking.

Poor D. I'm proud how strong you were for her.