Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Care Bear Stare

Yeah, the title has nothing to do with anything other than Delilah is watching the old Care Bear movie from the 80s.  It's...interesting.

This weekend was pretty fun.  Friday, I got to spend the evening snacking on veggies and hummus and visiting with my lovely friends.  2 people that I've only known since April and June, and I feel closer to them than some of my friends from back in KC.  

Saturday, went out to Kaiserslautern with Ben, Amanda, and Delilah.  Got a pair of workout pants, and went to Globus as well.  I love that store.
That night, we went to another friends' house and had a Mario Kart championship.  I got knocked out, but I did really well on a lot of the practice rounds!  Ah well.

Yesterday, had people over to our house for a BBQ.  Ben grilled up a bunch of hot dogs, brats, and burgers...and some veggies for me.  
I haven't had any appetite lately, but I'm TRYING to be better about making myself eat.  I've been doing well at the gym with weights and stuff, but I need to be better at fueling my body.  I've upped my weights on my straight leg dead lifts, so I'm pretty proud of that.

Now, I've got to work on planning out the menu for the week:

Chia pudding
Cereal and juice
Yogurt with Juice+ powder and homemade PB
Muffin and fruit
Waffle and fruit

Cold quinoa salad
Annie's spaghettios with veg&cracker
PB&honey on English muffin w/veggie side

Vegetarian burritos-filled with quinoa, Greek yogurt, & veggies

"Pesto dip" with crackers
Muffins (the breakfast ones)
PB granola bars

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