Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life got in the way...

November/December were a bit crazy.  Along with Thanksgiving and Christmas, we also had THREE birthdays in our little group of friends to celebrate...including DELILAH'S!

Yep, Delilah turned 3!  We had a big birthday party at our house...had about 15 kids and a bunch of adults.  It was pretty incredible.  The amount of friends that we have out here just in this short amount of time really warms my heart.   Everyone really made me feel blessed and lucky to have such caring people celebrating my little lovie's birthday!

My beautiful little princess ready for her Frozen birthday!

The food set up in my living room.

Little bit about the birthday girl.

All in all, it was a very successful party.  

So then we had more birthdays and a trip to Trier for a Christmas market!

Gluwein is probably one of the most delicious drinks ever. It tastes even better out of a boot mug.

The boys got a little out of control.

Of COURSE we had to ride the merry go round. 

Before Trier, we also went to Heidelberg for my FIRST Christmas market.  Seriously, Germany is incredible with these.  Magical. 

I actually have a decoration for my house that's like what is in the background, but this one was a Gluwein house!

What a beautiful place to be during Christmastime!

Now it's the New Year, and I've made some resolutions, but I don't want to share them.  Not because I don't think I'm going to follow through, but because they are some things I seriously need to work on.
One I will share is that (whoa, this is so original) I've been going to the gym with my friend Amanda.  I've been working out with her off and on since summer last year, but I've been getting serious and have decided to not only eat healthy, but get my body into shape too.  I'm thin, but I definitely need to work on my strength and flexibility.  

That's all for now, perhaps I'll be better about keeping up with this darn thing. 

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