Sunday, January 25, 2015

I don't want to get off my couch ever.

Sunday is leg/butt day at the gym. It's my favorite day...but it's also exhausting.  I can see results already, and so as hard as it is, I'm keeping it up.  So we hit the gym for about an hour and a half, and then had lunch while we meal planned.  She's helping me get fit and healthy at the gym, and I'm helping her get organized and prepared with meals.  It's a win win.

Had a pretty quiet weekend.  Got to spend Friday with our friends, and I fell asleep putting Delilah to bed. Usually, I can keep myself awake, but this week has been completely exhausting.  I've worked out a bunch, Delilah's classes, I had to take the car and get the oil changed, I had my pacemaker checkup.  
About that...
In October, I had it checked, and had about 16 months left.  They put me on a 90 day check up schedule.  I went in on Thursday, and they discovered that I was now at 8 months.  I lost  months in 3 months.  So now, they've got me on a once a month check.  Worst case scenario, I will have to have the battery replaced in April.  What a pain.  My dumb heart.

Funny story about the oil change too...
Went in and it takes forever.  The guy helping me was super nice though, and told me that the hose was disconnected from my washer fluid.  Ben had thought the pump was out and was going to order a new one.  Oil change guy told me it was just the tubing and that I could easily fix it.  He told me he wasn't allowed to fix it.  I understand that.  Well, when it was time to go, he showed me that he HAD fixed it!  Germany has these pesky little weasel things that will crawl up under the hoods of cars in the winter to stay warms.  They will chew on tubing and wires and can really mess up your car.  He said he suspected that's what happened to the tubing of our car.

little bastard.

Saturday, we went to go meet Cat in the Hat on base.  Delilah was awesome and not afraid at all!

After that, we went to the pool...then to dinner...and then friends over for a quiet night at our house.  

Quiet weekend, nothing too exciting, but I'm ok with that.

And now, FOOD:

Waffle and Fruit

Vitamix Vegetable Tortilla Soup
Quinoa Salad (with black beans, tomato, avocado, and Greek yogurt)
Quesedilla with guac
Scrambled eggs with an English muffin

Crockpot Chicken Fajitas 

Banana Oatmeal Muffins
Hummus and Veggie

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