Sunday, March 8, 2015

Totally forgot to post last week.

It's saved in my drafts. I just never got to posting it after making it.  Oh well, whatever.  This week/weekend was more interesting anyway.

First, I am really excited that I ran at a faster speed and for longer than I ever have before.  I think I would have been able to keep going, but I got excited and forgot to control my breathing. ha!  I was quite proud of myself, especially because I HATE running.  

Another heart check up on Friday.  Back in October, the battery life had 16 months left. Then in Jan, it only had 8 months!  They were worried that I would have to have surgery in April.  Got it looked at and discovered that I still had 6 months.  Still have to have surgery this year, but it's not draining as fast.  Part of me thinks that it's due to not only eating well, but working out more and getting more physically fit.  I've always been in relatively good shape, but now I'm actually working on being fit and it's definitely helping me in more ways than just appearance!  

Went back to Heidelberg yesterday.  Instead of driving, we took the train and it was REALLY easy!  (really fun too!)  

Train was easy to do. No wonder everyone uses it around here!
Someone was a little sleepy when we first got there...
At the castle!

In front of a bakery. I love Germany.

Inside the castle grounds

A great group to explore a Germany city with!


Hello from a castle!

Yeah, had a great weekend. We were all pretty tired afterwards, totally worth it though.

Greek yogurt banana muffins
Oatmeal with PB2&honey
Greek yogurt with honey & blueberries
Cereal, juice, and toast

Pizza buns with veggies
Tuna salad (with greek yogurt not mayo), crackers, and carrots
Chicken & quinoa salad
PB/J, apple slices


Chopped fruits
Chopped veggies

There you have it!

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