Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yogurt with PB2&honey, side fruit
Boiled eggs, toast, juice
Cereal and juice
Waffle and strawberries

Skillet cooked chicken & broccoli (Danielle's lunch all week)
PB graham cracker "sandwiches", cucumber, baby carrots
Salami, string cheese, berries, carrots

Italian Chicken (from last week)
Spaghetti with spiralized zucchini instead of noodles

Zucchini with hummus
Pumpkin muffins from last week

Got a little out of sync last week. Ben was working a different shift, we had watched the kids, and I was just kinda thrown off.  Back to it this week.  I've decided that I'm going to try and make my food for the week on Monday night. Let it cook while I'm cleaning up from dinner or something.  Pack it in tupperware and just let it be easy.  

Got a couple busy weekends coming up. Wine glass painting party next Saturday.  That'll be neat.  Following weekend, tentatively planning a train ride trip to Heidelberg...actually get close to the castle this time!

This past weekend was fun, although we didn't do too much.  Had a dinner out for a friend's birthday on Friday, then hung out afterwards.  Saturday was a relaxing day spent with Delilah and Ben.  It was nice to just kick back for a bit with no real plans.  Went to the gym today (of course).  The rest of the day, I cleaned, took a walk with the family, and played.  

All in all, a good weekend.  I can't complain.  I feel rested, and ready to take on the week. 

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