Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guess what

I'll be in Dallas in about 3 weeks.

I'm pretty stoked.

Today, I was driving through Clovis and had this thought, "I hate this stupid ugly little town.  It's so gross."
Guys, it really is.
Here is why:
1. It smells like cow poop/cheese factory most of the time.
2. Unless you live in a couple of neighborhoods, your's is most likely run down with junkyard yards.
3. There are tons of stray dogs-probably escaped from abusive homes.
4. I know there's rampant dog fighting.
5. Bored/boring people try to hurt others for fun.
6. The nearest shopping is 2 hours away and in a different time zone.
7. My friends and family are 12 hours away.
8. The decor and taste around here is appalling.  I can't believe people buy some of the stuff that they do.
9. No real grass.  It's red dirt and weeds.
10. The 40mph or more winds EVERY DAY.

So, I'm definitely excited about getting a chance to get out of town with my best friend (Ben, of course) and go to a real city to see more friends!

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