Sunday, April 17, 2011


For the last 3 weekends or so, Ben and I have pretty much just stayed to ourselves.  We've stayed in and watched movies, or we've gone to dinner just us and out to see a movie.  We've spent the day either running around town or just enjoying each other's company at home.  It's been really nice.
For us, who normally go out to parties on the weekends or get together with people, it's been a really nice change to just hang out with one another.  We're not upset at anyone or avoiding anyone, we're just enjoying being together and I love it.

Yesterday, we spent the day around Clovis taking pictures of different things.  Ben has a good eye for stuff and it was a really good time.  Most of the things he took pictures of are really ugly buildings in town, but in the pictures, they look very interesting.  Here's a couple of my favorites:

We also got a treadmill yesterday!  Got it really cheap from a friend who just wanted it out of their house.  Now we've got it set up in the guest room.  I'm excited because when it's really windy outside (like 60mph wind like we had earlier this week), I can still walk 2 miles and get some exercise in.  Not like I don't get enough at work running after all the kids, but it's different!

Otis started obedience school officially this week and by the end was doing so much better. All I want is for him to pay attention to me on walks and not act aggressive to men and dogs when he's on a leash.  That's all I want.  Manners!  My good friend Elsa has been going with me with her great dane.

There's a catch up of what's been going on!

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Laura said...

I loved all the pics that were posted on facebook! I wish I had someone to putz around with on the weekends. I'm glad you are so happy together. Hugs!