Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kurt on Glee.

I'm really getting tired of having Glee's episodes revolve around Kurt and his "gayness".  He's the most ridiculous stereotype of a gay person on TV.
He is: sassy, WAY into fashion, has a super high voice, dramatic, pushy with his beliefs for you to accept him because that's the only opinion that matters, sings show tunes, hangs out with ONLY girls (minus his new boyfriend), loves to dance, has a lisp at times, and goes against anything that could be considered masculine.

What is wrong with having a gay character that acts like they did before coming out?  I have known people to come out, only to have suddenly gained a lisp and begun to talk like a woman in a higher pitched voice than they had previously.

Why does it have to change?  You can still be the same person you were prior to coming out and like people of the same sex.  You don't have to fall into a stereotype.  It is absolutely ridiculous.

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